Thursday, October 16, 2008

Still Around!

It's been more than a month since I blogged! No Internet access at home, and my work laptop screen died on me...haha! I realize it's possible to survive without emails/Internet...and so many things have happened in the past month since I came back home to Singapore.

Some quick updates since I am doing this post from the StarHub Customer Service Centre in Vivo City (trusty StarHub - yaaay!) -

- Nope, not popped yet, but am growing bigger by the day, and Rosabelle's kicking well!
- Wayne's already in Singapore with me, and is working part time from his SG office - he brings me down for swims (I can't swim, but waddling around in the pool takes the weight off my tummy...haha)
- I celebrated my first birthday at home in as long as five years (thanks to friends who sent well wishes and to Jeannie for remembering and craftily sending me a Noel hamper!)
- I visited the library for the first time in about 7 years and have been getting alot of baby knowledge from books there (and it's nice to go back to paper for books and newspapers alike now that my main source of info isn't the Net!)
- My family seems geared up for baby and I've bought most of the stuff for check-up's on Monday, but I'm hoping she hangs in there till at least November! And Wayne and I have decided on the Chinese name Shi Yue (instead of Shi Yi Yue)...hehe. Vanessa also has yet to pop, but it's exciting times for us all!
- I've been catching up with my friends over this period..real nice to just hang around and not have a packed schedule...

No pix for this post for obvious reasons as this is done at a public place...but stay tuned for Rosabelle's upcoming appearance!

Till then!!!

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