Friday, April 30, 2010

Look what the stork brought!

Name: Gideon Martin Toh Chia Ian
Popped out on: April 13, 2010 @ 2103 hours
Weight: 2.26 kg

I'm Aunty Wendy a third time over! My sis popped early at 35 weeks as she was having pre-eclempsia problems and high blood pressure, so the gynae had to induce her into a natural birth early on.

Little Gideon is a fighter, and having a considerably ok birth weight, went home on the third day, but had mild jaundice a few days later (his 200+ index is low, compared to the high 300+ Rosabelle had - she was baked under UV for two days, compared to Gideon's one day). Looks like my whole Toh and Loh family will be kept busy for a long while, and I am looking forward to meeting him when Rosabelle and I head back to Singapore in June to coincide with the school holidays.

Only thing is, my poor sis has latching problems, and blocked milk ducts, but I really hope she can be third time lucky to enjoy the lovely bonding and convenience/benefits of breastmilk for little Gideon. She has to express her milk to bottlefeed him, which is obviously time-consuming and not as effective, but I'm glad she has not given up and is presenting him with the best-ever gift she can provide! 加油!

On the subject of babies galore, my friend Meibao (first daughter, Sophie's, birthday same day as Rosie's) also gave birth a week early on April 09 to another baby girl. Gosh - I am so looking forward to seeing them, as I missed out on a precious reunion with the Nanyang Girls over this CNY since Rosabelle was having diarrhea then (my Singapore postings will be backtracked...and up soon, hopefully, haha...).

Can't wait to have Rosabelle Jie Jie see the little ones soon, and hopefully I can see more photos of them before!

P/S: Blame my slow posting and catch-ups on the fact that I'm having PC problems and had to re-install alot of programs, including a new photo-editing tool I am spending time getting used to...haiz...

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