Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Up, up & away!

On 6 Feb, Rosabelle and I took a flight from Beijing to Singapore - she was very well-behaved and liked the angmor man elderly man seated next to us, also greeting the rest of the folks around us. She had less than an hour of nap on the plane, which meant I had to keep her entertained, change her diaper (her diaper leaked and her pants got wet at the customs area - thank goodness I brought a change of pants!).

I prepared the usual staples of travel foods like cereal, sweet potato, peas/corn, bread, biscuits, fruits, and did not specifically bring any toys since the earphones and various magazine were enough to keep her happy. Thank goodness she did not clamour to run around on the floor as being on an Air China flight, I would rather she be buckled in all the time for safety reasons!

Upon reaching Singapore at 9+, my sis, brother-in-law and the kids were there to welcome us. Rosabelle was very happy to see Ge Ge, more so than Jie Jie, heh!
On the flight back on 6 March, it being an early morning flight, only my sis and their maid, Aunty Marjorie, came with us. Rosabelle was asleep throughout in the car (I just carried her off the bed into my arms), and woke up after we had checked in. Luckily she did not cry in spite of the early waking time, and we quickly got her changed and ready for photos, haha!
Saying our bye-byes...
I then fed her some banana yogurt and bread before we hopped on board the plane, sans our Quinny Buzz as I left it in Singapore for my sis to use for No. 3.

Rosabelle, the aspiring DJ master - as she woke up from her nap. We again had a pants accident as we spilled water onto her whilst feeding her, and even her socks were wet. I had extra pants, but had to quickly dry her socks in the sun before the plane changed direction, haha!
Rosabelle is quite a dear on flights, so hopefully she will be nice and cooperative on our flight tomorrow, as it'd just be me again without Wayne around!

So there - the FINAL entry about my Singapore visit, and we are already leaving tomorrow for another month. I will try to update in word doc and edit the photos ready so it's a matter of posting photos and cutting/pasting when I'm back. Oh well, easier said than done, I guess. But I am looking forward - yaaaay!

Don't miss me too much!

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