Monday, June 30, 2008

Me @ 19.5 weeks

Judge for yourself whether I put on weight and/or have a big tummy for my stage...Mummy dearest said she guessed I was having a girl when I told her my tummy's quite huge. Colleagues who see me think my complexion has not been marred (so old wives' tale fathoms that's a sign of a girl), and me Sis thinks cos I do not have the "cauliflower" nose syndrome (where if you have a boy, your nostrils flare up and look like... a cauliflower...ewww...), they all point to a girl. Heh...even Wayne told me before he thinks it's a girl, and I always felt this baby in me is quite obedient, so it's sort of a sixth sense huh (guess Daddy and Mummy know best!).

Other "tell-tale" signs (or they'll have you believe), can be found on sites like this.

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