Tuesday, July 1, 2008

3 things.

UPDATE: Go voice your opinions in my polls on the English and Chinese names for our girl on the side bars. It's just for fun, and of course final decision lies in the hands of WnW! :)

All things water -
Beijing weather is cranky these days. Mum says Singapore is sweltering hot, but here in Beijing, in July, we are experiencing rains like that in Singapore - i.e. pours down in sheets. Last night I had a team dinner and was drenched getting to the restaurant - my colleague had to jostle for a cab, haha!
Just when I thought I could take a nice, hot bath at home, my apartment AGAIN, AGAIN, AGAIN, had a disruption to the hot water. This is like the 20,000th time that either hot or cold water has been cut since we shifted in, and this time it's due to some silly folks from some silly department digging up some silly stuff and burst the water pipe. Apparently, all other estates in the vicinity are affected, and the hot water will resume only on Jul 3! Luckily I have a facial appointment tonight that I can bathe at...!

Baby's name -
I seriously meant it as a joke when talking last night, but Wayne thinks it's such a unique, cute name for our baby. See, our girl's due in November, and I jokingly said, let's call her "十一月", punning on Wayne's surname "石", and if she's early, i.e. comes out in October, we can call her "十月". Wayne's parents actually gave a very sweet name using the word "玥" - this refers to supernatural/precious pearl in olden days. Now, Wayne's quite keen on the name "石玥" for an October girl, or "石伊玥" for a November girl ("伊" refers to "she" in Chinese). Now, I could be too "traditional" but think this name could make poor baby a laughing stock...but agree it's unique. Well, we'll still bounce it off Wayne's parents, and we have about 5 more months to ponder...

As for the English name, it'd either be Rosaleen or Rosabelle (Rosabel?) Shi. They refer to "fair rose" or "beautiful rose" respectively. Wayne has preference for old English names like Elizabeth, Rosemarie etc, but I wanted more unique names with special spellings etc...But either Rosaleen or Rosabelle is sweet - thoughts, thoughts?

A name is for life man...this is very, very important man!

Pain -
Baby's usually so mild and sweet, with kicks that Wayne describes as slow "dooong, dooong, dooong". So when I awoke last night with a sharp pain on the right side of my abdomen, I got quite worried. I could not move properly for about 30 minutes as the pain felt like a bad, constant tug within the tummy, and I mentally asked baby, "Are you alright? If you are ok, kick Mummy...". And she moved within me, as if telling me that she's fine. "Good, so long as baby's fine, even if Mummy's in pain, it's ok." This went on for some time with me making constant checks on baby, and she responding to my concerns (or so I think!). Luckily the pain subsided after some time, but I sure hope it's just a bad case of my womb muscles tugging as they are growing!


Sin Sin said...

My only advice to you about baby's name (for both in English and Mandarin) is: do choose one that's easy to spell (so that she'll learn how to spell it quickly), pronounce and write (so that she can write it quickly during exams!). Also twist it around and see if it has any connotations if mispronounced in any other dialect/language, otherwise people might tease her next time... I had a "wonderful" time choosing names for my kids too. Good luck!!

Wendy Loh said...

True, true - a double name like "Sin Sin" would be a safe bet as well, tee hee. We've 5 more mths to ponder over this ve..ery...care..ful..ly man.