Friday, July 25, 2008

I've been cleared!

  • Starving myself (i.e. fasting) for more than 12 hours (it's nothing if you are hale and hearty, but for a 24-week pregnant me who gets hungry very easily, it was a torture).

  • Waking up at 7 am this morning (when I normally get up at 9 am...haha).

  • Extracting 4 vials of blood over a 3-hour period.

  • Reading countless baby/travel/shopping catalogue magazines over 3 hours of waiting in the clinic.

But all the above have paid off! I was eagerly awaiting the results of my repeat GTT, and even called AmCare twice this afternoon to find out if they were going to call me before my Japan trip tomorrow. When I saw the familiar number on my mobile phone awhile ago, I was pretty nervous - I did not want to have to find out I have gestational diabetes leh...

Basically...I am cleared! But I still need to watch my diet - they did 4 blood tests, one on my empty stomach; one an hour after I downed 2 cups of glucose (VERY SWEET) drinks; one two hours after; and the last one three hours after. The test results came out normal for all, except the two-hour one, where I fall between the "normal to mildly gestational diabetic" range with my 7.4 reading (normal is a 6.7).

So the only advice the doctor had for me is to watch what I eat - more meals, but in less quantity (i.e. no buffets/gorging!); less carbohydrates that can be replaced by vegetables and eggs; exercise (I actually go down walk-walk with Wayne for at least 30 mins every day - maybe I crawl along too slowly for that to count as exercise??); not too much sweet fruits (e.g. watermelon too sweet..and I just drank pure watermelon juice for lunch today!)...and needless to say, my favourite ice-cream, cakes, sweets etc need to be taken in moderation...

"Adios. Sayonara. 再见!"

Well, I'm relieved more because it means baby's safe and healthy, heh!

During my 28w check-up, I need to do yet another blood glucose test (this time not so cruel, I just need to fast 2 hrs prior). I want doctor to give me a clean slate of health, so I will be careful about the foods I eat! (Which reminds me, I should down the remaining 63 kiwi fruits in my fridge before they become ripe... and too sweet. GULP!)

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