Thursday, July 3, 2008

One. Way. Ticket.

I've confirmed my homecoming trip! In case there are terrorists who manage to read this entry, I am just going to say that my flight is on 12 Sep (purposely don't want to travel on 9/11). I can't fly any later as Air China does not allow those expecting beyond 32 weeks to get on-board a plane. And I've used my mileage points to get an upgrade to business class...tee hee. Am so, so, so looking forward to going home to meeting all my family and loved ones (or as my mum puts it, to gorge on bird's nest and nutrients that I'm lacking here since baby will have a thriving growth from that period of time)!

To bask in family bliss and lovely home-cooked food; to enjoy fresh Singapore air; to enjoy hawker food at non-foreign-food prices (bowl of laksa here in a Singapore restaurant is SGD8); to enjoy listening to/speaking Singlish (Wayne still has a hoot about the way we Singaporeans speak, and picks up key phrases well...hehe); to enjoy the efficacy of all things Singapore; and to enjoy a non-smoking environment (I have been vehemently using the
12320 hotline set up by Beijing government for the public to complain against restaurants that do not have, or do not enforce, non-smoking sitting zones - I am glad to say my "complaints" are taken seriously and they even sent officers down to check the restaurant in question - woo hoo!!)...these are what you all folks usually take for granted thrills for me.

I can still remember vividly the last time I bought a one-way ticket from Singapore to Beijing - that was in August 2003 (half a decade ago!), and I had dear family and friends sending me off at Singapore Changi Airport (I stepped onto Beijing grounds for the first time in my life on 16 Aug 03). In fact, here's a pic of my ex-colleague and friend, Pauline and I at the airport:

Time flies - Pauline and Aik Cher are now the proud parents of lovely Raeanne! (Yes, I looked pui-er then than I do now - imagine, I am now 21 weeks pregnant and at the same weight I was when I left Singapore, so I have no doubt it's eating and boozing in my pre-China days that made me so pui...).

Wait for me -- I'm coming home!

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