Tuesday, July 8, 2008

The Circle of Life

Disclaimer: This post is not a plug for Lion King 1, or Lion King 2, or any Disney/Dreamworks/Pixar films (c.f. Elton John's song).

This is a post of reminiscence...of my birthplace, not Singapore, but in particular, Kandang Kerbau Hospital (or KKH, as it is now known by its new name upon shifting to its current location). It's a full circle of life, as my mum gave birth to the most adorable and lovely princess (me lah!!) in the same hospital almost 31 years ago, and I will be booking my first appointment for check-ups, and to deliver our daughter at KKH. The obstetrician of choice, Dr. Tan Kim Teng, also delivered Simon, Marianne, and their three other cousins, so I know I'm in safe and good hands.

Back to tracking down memory lane, I always knew that KKH used to hold the world record for delivering the most number of babies, but I found even more details online:
The record number of births or ‘birthquakes' earned KK Hospital consecutive entries in the Guinness Book of Records from the 1950s to the 1970s as the world's largest maternity hospital in the era where home deliveries were still common in many parts of the world...
Known fondly as KK or Tekka, it was also a national focal point known to countless Singaporeans and their families as it was the humble birthplace of over a million Singaporeans.

This rings true - I inhaled my first breath, wailed my first cry, shed my first tear, took my first piss (and dump even?) at KKH. My parents probably shed their first tear of joy (or despair??) for me on 18 Sep 1977. And it's just so uncanny this helpless "baby" from 31 years back is going to experience the miracle of life for herself soon. The staff at KKH might see so many babies/families come and go, but for me and Wayne, and our families and loved ones, it's just such an...utterly...unique...experience.

I'm in anticipation (check out the delivery suite and room...if the pictures are a reflection of reality, it's good enough for me!).

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