Thursday, July 31, 2008

Getting to know me...(at work)

I must confess - I have not gotten down to sorting out my Japan pix (erm..excuse is cos my colleagues have not uploaded theirs and I wanted a FULL slate of pix before I upload them - so there!), and obviously not started on my entry to whet your appetite, here's a group pic of us wearing our Japanese "bathrobes" for dinner one night (about 40 of us from the Beijing office, including family members) -- try to spot fat me...:

To make up for my lack of Japanese posting (for now), I wanted to share with you something on the work front. My company has an internal, quarterly e-newsletter that reaches out to all folks in the Asia-Pacific region. I had my cheap shot at "fame" in the latest edition that announced my promotion (back in April)...(names/faces of other colleagues have been mosaic-ed out for privacy purposes -- majiam criminals eh...).

Prior to this, I had also taken on "cameo" roles in providing my (erhem!) "expert" opinion about the Games...

And, I was featured as a "Face of Weber Shandwick" on our global Intranet, that had me providing some candid responses to a standard slate of questions (I received emails from colleagues around the world who bothered to let me know they enjoyed reading the responses, and even asking for job opps in the Beijing office as a result of this!).

(You can click on the respective images to read the contents more easily.)

Yesterday, our China MD also sent out a mid-year update on the Group's stellar performance in China thus far, and ended his note with a sweet "I am sure all of you would like to join me in congratulating four of our colleagues, Wendy, Mummy A, Mummy B and Mummy C, who will soon become Weber Shandwick moms!" (Obviously names of Mummies A, B, C have been altered for privacy reasons lah!). Sweet, love my job and looking forward to coming back in April 09 (workholic me...)

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