Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Please remain seated for the entire performance


I got back into Beijing last night and reached home at around 12 am after the four-day company trip to Japan! So many photos/anecdotes/stories to share, but just back at work for half a day today, so excuse me whilst I go sort out my photos/thoughts/shopping...

Rosabelle was a dear in keeping me company, and many colleagues admired my guts for trudging through the trip with a big tummy, and told me baby's so brave as well - so proud of her, teehee (there were times when I knew I was tired, and there were slight pangs of pain, so I had to rest, but all is well and Rosabelle and I are back in one safe piece!)

In the words of an actual toilet sign in a restaurant we went to for lunch, do stay tuned for the "entire performance" of my complete blog posting coming up...(hoot!)

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