Friday, July 4, 2008

Time sure flies

Yesterday, 3 July 08, was just any other day for me in the office. As I lay asleep at night, I thought - why did I keep feeling yesterday was a special day? Then it dawned upon me - it marked my 2 years in Weber Shandwick Beijing office.

2 years does not seem like alot to some folks, but this is my 6th job in 8 years (haha, I always had the "luck" to move on quickly to bigger, better things!). I've always liked the culture here in the Beijing office, where I have great team mates and a wonderful boss. It's important that work is not like work, and PR has always been my passion. Though I'm taking it easy in the period before my long leave, I am piqued at the growth that this office has been experiencing, and though I'm slated to be back only in April 2009, I'm sure there will be more exciting changes!

Time sure flies when you are having fun.

On the other hand, I DEFINITELY wish time flies when it comes to repairing that #$%^& blasted hot water pipe in our estate. The management notice put up yesterday indicated there are delays to the repair, and did not give a cut-off date for when hot water will resume, but I read the fine print and saw that the notice was going to be up till 7 July. 7 July! A whole week without hot water! Wayne and I had to go to Tim and Van's house to bathe last night, sheesh! (Thanks T+V for your hot water and soft towels... you're a savior!)

A short post - and I wanted to sign off with 2 things:
1. Pls go ahead and express your vote of our daughter's Chinese/English names on the sidebar(Grandma Shi gave the nod of approval last night for Chinese name, and I'm beginning to think it sounds cute...but still need to ponder upon it).

2. You are reading this blog because you have been specifically/specially invited as part of Wayne's, mine, and Baby's inner circle of loved family and friends. :) Apologize for the hassle in having to sign-in and all that, but as this blog has just gotten started, I wasn't sure of reactions/feedback, so thought I'd start with a "soft launch" before making this blog public in future...


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