Thursday, July 10, 2008

So many XX, XX, XX...

Aiyo, no lah, I am not cursing some unprintable expletives, neither am I referring to the size of the clothes I will be wearing at the rate I am expanding...heh!

I am instead using my "expert" (erhem) biology class experience to tell you that I'm looking at an avalanche of XX chromosomes these days - yes, yet another sweetie pie baby girl is on its way into this world. This time round, the good news is from my friend of 18 years, Meibao (and hubby, Roy), who is expecting a sexy Scorpio girl as well (her EDD's a week earlier than mine). She warned I would go crazy buying cute baby girl stuff in Tokyo, just like she did awhile back in Bangkok... I...must...con...trol.

Talking about Meibao, it wasn't too long ago when I made my annual CNY pilgrimage back to Singapore, and met up with the few Nanyang Girls' ladies. In fact, after dinner, Meibao, Jinxin and I even continued our gossips over coffee at Coffee Club Siglap, and how timely that Meibao and I even brought up the topic of having children!

(Clockwise from bottom left): NYGals Meibao, Sharon, Jinxin, Shumin, & Yours Truly in early-Feb this year during my CNY homecoming

It's uncanny that I've known this group of friends for 18 years, and friendships fostered over our National Police Cadet Corps (NPCC) and Dragon & Lion Dance Troupe (DALT) days. Though away from them, this is a group of friends I always want to catch up with when back (where schedules permit lah), and I always hold their warm wishes and greetings so close to my heart (thanks Sharon, for your email!). How we've grown from our teenage days...

So yes, back to the XX, XX, XX topic - ex-Mileage colleague Pauline (and hubby Aik Cher) had baby RaeAnne, I have a Client who's expecting a girl in end-July, of course Van+Tim who are expecting Rachel in end-Oct... well, strictly speaking, it's not like alot, alot of girls, but at the moment it does seem like girly galore to me. Of course, this is for the safe exception of yet another good friend, ex-Publicis Eureka colleague and loyal member of the BBC - Blare Bitch Club - Angeline (and hubby, George), who are the proud parents of Belden Koh - very cute with his botak haircut, and looks soooo much like his Mummy, doesn't he?

Belden Koh -- product of Mummy Angeline (the lady on left of pic lah, obviously not me lah!), and Daddy George

On a related note, this brings to mind an Australian blogger whose site I visit religiously - I like reading Karen Cheng's blog (not that I know her) as it's always well laid-out, has nice anecdotes of life, and of course also includes pictures of her gorgeous sons. I thought about her blog when writing this post as she is currently trying for Baby No. 3 and desperately wants a girl... I hope she has as much luck as the rest of almost everybody else I know! In fact, I pulled this chart and extract off one of her entries, and it's accurate leh (at least for me)...


During my research on how to increase chances of selecting gender using natural techniques, I came across the Ancient Chinese Gender Chart. The legend states that the Chinese Gender Chart is over 700 years old. It was discovered in a royal tomb in Beijing and now resides in the Beijing Institute of Science. Apparently it is 90 – 99% accurate, but it is only for entertainment purposes. There isn't much scientific evidence, but some say it has something to do with the phase of the moon and the acidity in the woman's uterus.

How To Use It :
You can predict your child's gender by using your LUNAR AGE at the time of conception. (To work out your lunar age, just add 2 years.) Then find which month you conceived, then you can work out the gender of your baby.


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