Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Engrish as it is these days

Pop Quiz Time!

Very quickly - what name comes to mind when you look at the below picture (this applies only to those of us non-pathetic people who had a childhood watching cartoons, no matter how mindless)...

The correct answer...

Sylvester, or more accurately Sylvester the Cat (or for us who have no childhoods and did not watch the cartoon series, this can be a cat, or pussy cat).

In comes the innocent-enough answer from my 4 years & 4 months old nephew, Simon, when he recently saw a photograph of Sylvester:

"This is POO-DEE CAT. Tweety bird always says, 'I saw POO-DEE CAT'." (all grammatical/syntax errors courtesy of the quoted boy in question)

It's hilarious, but as I am embarking on my road to motherhood, I really don't know whether to laugh, or faint, at the thought of how the goggle box is becoming such a bad language nanny...

Though I must say that Simon's child-like innocence and his ability to remember such things (no matter how grammatically wrong) are quite charming, really. In his eyes, a "poo-dee cat" is the correct way to name Sylvester, as the cat isn't really addressed by any other name in the series, so by a strange reasoning of things, Simon is actually right, haha!

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