Friday, July 25, 2008

Wendi Ro (ヱンヂ ロ), or Uende rofu

According to this website and this website that translate your name into Japanese, the above is what "Wendy Loh" sounds like in Jap, or in Katakana (to me, it sounds like some food dish like unagi/tofu roll...)

Anyway, leading into the contents of this post --

Clues: Eating Sushi. Watching Geishas. Viewing Mt. Fuji.

Answer: "Things to do in Japan"

I used to watch, as a kid, this gameshow called "Pyramid Game". Basically English word game where the winning team goes on to compete for the final, top cash prize in the bonus round, and contestants had to complete a pyramid of boxes, where each box, of increasing difficulty, had to be described to you as clues by your game partner (with care taken to not mention any key words in the answer), and you had to guess what were the wordings in the box.

For a better idea of how this game is played, check out this classic YouTube video of one of the episodes in the U.S. (OBVIOUSLY from a looong time ago from the size of the woman's specs and rugby shoulder pads...)

So, excuse me while our blog takes a hiatus of 4 days as I embark on my company Tokyo trip from 26 to 29 July (will be back with pix and things interesting!). (I've been to various countries, but Japan is not one of them, so this all-expenses paid for trip, though short, and though taken in my 24th week of pregnancy and will be tiring, and though I am unable to enjoy the Disneyland rides, will still be a nice treat for Rosabelle and I...heh!)

Clues: Picking your nose and sticking the boogey on the wall. Digging your crack butt to get that sweat-stained underwear out. Scraping a whitehead/picking a zit from your face. Taking a drink out of your 7-Eleven Big Gulp and refilling them to make your money worth its while. Stealing office supplies.

Answer: "Things you do when nobody's watching." *grin*

(My lips are sealed as to whether, and how many, of these misdeeds I am guilty of.)

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