Tuesday, February 2, 2010


I've been busy getting ready for our one-month homecoming, with packing of our stuff, and also preparing a list of to-dos for the nanny to carry out after we leave, and before we head back home.

Amidst all these, of course I also continue to bring Rosabelle out for her walks, in spite of Wayne's strong advice that we should keep her at home as she has been having a runny nose for slightly over a week. Rosabelle is still very active and in high spirits, so whenever there are no strong winds and nice sunny weather, I still try to expose her to the outdoors where possible.

Here she is donning the last in the series of hand-me-down sweaters... so sweet.
She is very caring actually - when she sees me without a hat/cap outdoors, she will point at my head and get me to put my hood on. Also, when she sees the wind blowing my hair into my face, she will try to use her hands to push my hair away, though with her hands stuck inside her down jacket, it's more a case of her patting/smacking my face...

Wayne today caught a few photos of her in bed, in her 'underwear' as the nanny was preparing her fruit for me to bring downstairs. This is what she wears beneath all the thick sweaters/pants - heavily mismatched clothing, haha! She now has the habit of running everywhere she goes, even on her bed, giving us all mini heart attacks as she is still not exactly stable in her toddling.
I like this series of candid shots as she hams it up for the camera, heh...
It might seem like I totally adore my girl,, which is true, and many have asked me, knowing the impatient character I have, whether I have ever lost my temper/shouted at/scolded Rosabelle. Well, on Saturdays when the nanny isn't around, and I have to cook dinner for her, and she ends up throwing the food onto the floor... I do at times lose my cool and shout at her.

When I shouted at her last Saturday, she probably did not realize I was being angry and in fact went 'Ah! Ah! Ah!' in a loud voice, trying to mimic me. It was the last straw when after being warned for the umpteenth time, she threw a strawberry onto the floor, so I immediately carried her out of her high chair and changed her clothes. I was even more angry when she refused to take a sip of water to rinse her mouth, instead throwing the bottle aside every time I placed it in front of her. I was rather angry and carried her, crying, to face me, as I told her off. In the end, I told Wayne to try giving her the water and walked away as I knew it was not fair to be so angry and scold her.

One thing I should pick up from Rosabelle, or any other kid for that matter, is that they seem to forgive and forget easily. After the 'fake crying', she was happy as a lark playing on her mat, forgetting that her Mummy was/is angry with her, heh! Om.......

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