Friday, January 29, 2010

Online spoils

I took a photo of Rosabelle in a new sweater today - not exactly new - more a hand-me-down from another kid (she got 3 of these lovely sweaters). She liked what she saw.
So much so that she went too close to her reflection in the mirror and knocked her own head. This is her going 'Orh....' and pointing to the spot where she hit herself, heh... (But I probably damned the sweater for good when I fed her blueberries for the first time today - she liked it - and got blueberry juice on it...darn...)
Today, when I brought her out for her morning walk, she lost her balance walking from the concrete onto the pebbled floor and lost her balance, going face down. I heard a thud as her face hit the floor and picked her up quickly, to find soot on her nose/mouth as she cried. It must have hurt a bit where she hit the stones as there was some bleeding on the tissue I used for her lips, but she was quickly placated. This fall actually served her well as an hour later, when she fell down again at another spot, she knew to crane her neck upwards so that her face would not hit the floor again. Atta girl!

Her daddy is also proud of her for her problem-solving skills. She was holding onto a ball the other day and wanted to place it back into the Ikea basket, which was surrounded by the sofa behind and stacks of toy boxes in front, meaning that she wasn't tall enough to reach forward and toss the ball in. After some deliberation, she gingerly placed the ball she was holding onto the floor, and then proceeded to shift the boxes of toys away before treading the clear path to toss the ball easily in. So clever!

On a separate note, I’ve been doing a fair bit of shopping lately – online shopping, that is. And not for myself. And not exactly just for Rosabelle. I offered to scour Taobao for good deals for my friend with two lovely girls, also as offer of presents to them from Aunty Wendy, especially since I was not around for the recent arrival of the little Princess. And being the calculative Singaporeans we are, we wanted to get the best deals and decided that we might as well focus our purchases on one or two shops, to save on delivery charges (many waive courier fees for purchases above RMB100, or even if we did not reach that amount, at least we would not be paying courier charges many times over to many different shops).

And so the first shop we went to, unfortunately for him and fortunately for us, did not have many of the summer clothing she wanted. Given the lousy heck-care attitude, we decided to take our business elsewhere. And elsewhere we did – I purchased items from 5 different shops for both her and myself!

So I spent alot of time looking at every single listed item in these 5 shops to see what I wanted to get, haha! Along other things we got for our girls (including a swimsuit for Rosabelle to prepare for sunny Singapore!), I bought some cute stuff for my sister's upcoming Toh Boy Number 3, and some other friends' kids, as well as of course the mummy in the yard who keeps giving us sweet clothings from her daughter (she was due to give birth to a boy yesterday, but is still waddling around the yard today!).

The spoils came in from today, and a few more over the next few days, one of which was this gentleman's tuxedo bib and navy sailor bib. So cute! If Rosabelle was still in bib days, I would have gotten the lady's one with pictures of pearls in front, but here she is, our very obliging model...
After lunch, she grabbed at the bibs and pointed to her neck, wanting us to wear it for her again, so vain!
These days, she can pronounce '没有' pretty well, that is if she's not shaking her head vehemently to declare that she does not want to do the thing you are asking her to. Sigh!

Next week will be packing time as we get ready to head back! The Ayi will also be going back to visit her family in Dongbei. On the Ayi, I caught her doing quite a few 'I almost fainted' moments - she placed a bag of fish soup into boiling water over a fire to thaw the soup for Rosabelle. With the plastic bag on. Now, horror stories of carcinogens/cancer-causing chemicals started flashing wildly in my head as I quickly told her to stop and told her off. She was basically thawing/cooking the plastic bag, which would obviously, to a certain extent, melt into the soup, for Rosabelle to injest, right? She claimed it was the first time she was doing this as she would normally thaw it outside first, making it easy to rip the plastic bag apart. Aiyo... I told her to never do that again and made her thaw another bag of soup whilst I drank the offending one up. This time, she made sure that the plastic bag was not soaking in the soup whilst she thawed it.

Another instance was when I saw the table cloth (cloth for wiping the table and kitchen top/stove) soaking in some water in the sink. She had pushed the sink stopper in and poured hot water into the teeny-weeny space between the stopper and the sink, and soaked the towel there. So this was what she had been doing when I asked her to make sure she use hot water to scald the towel every night (for disinfecting purposes). But hello...the stopper in the sink ain't that clean, right? That's where all the rubbish, raw foods, unwanted foods, peels, etc all get filtered through, right? I quickly told her to just grab any take-away container, which we have too many of at home, and use that to soak the towel instead. I also caught her using that 'dirty catchment area' for some water to place Rosabelle's bowl of food into as she wanted to cool the food down (of course gave her hell for that). Aiyo, these village people, really can die.....

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Piggy Family said...

Hehe, she looks so cute in the sailor bib. ;) Thanks for all the efforts going to and fro with the shops. My gals are so lucky. :)