Monday, January 11, 2010

Vain pot

I will let the below series of pictures speak for themselves as our girl is very clearly exuberant and enjoys donning (1) her father's beanie and (2) my newly-bought scarf - to the point that she will protest if we try to take them off her (this is when she is already perspiring from the heat of the winter wear indoors...).
She will walk to the mirror and smile/grin at her pretty self, whilst patting her own face/head/neck, and looking extremely satisfied with her fashion accessories. Gosh... I really wonder where she picked up her vain streak from (*twiddle thumbs and look upwards in nonchalence*)...

In other funny news, she has learnt to pronounce '奶奶' pretty clearly, just in time for our upcoming trip home to Zhengzhou. I also like the way she says '妹妹' in a very cute voice, mimicking us as we call her '小妹妹' at times. She even learnt the Yankee Doddle 'Yee hah!' exclamation at the end of the song, doing her own rendition of a loud 'Yee hah!' when she hears it - haha!

Now that she's walking well, Wayne and I have been having loads of fun playing hide and seek with her. One of us will count with her (to develop further her counting/numerical skills) whilst the other hides - being the small house that we have, it sure is a challenge to find new places to hide! But the fun comes from having Rosabelle walk along and give puzzled looks until she can spot us, then giving her brightest, sweetest smile when she sees us...

We are, however, trying to cure her bad habit of holding things in her hands when she's walking. At times, she will hold her Etch-a-Sketch pen, or a sharp magnet, and we have to warn her against it. She has been hearing me preach about sharp knives that can poke her, and about these objects that can poke her if she's not careful and falls when walking, so she now knows how to also say 'poke'. However, yesterday, she was not careful and tripped over her own playmat when drinking from her sippy cup, causing her upper and lower lips to have slight bleeding from being cut by her teeth. Aiyo! Luckily she only cried for like one minute before we distracted her by opening the wardrobe in our room to show her the contents (she likes us to open up wardrobes/drawers for her to stare at these days).

She has also picked up many sweet and 'Awwwwww' acts, like lying on me when I am lying down and rocking together with me as we hum 'Twinkle, twinkle, little star' together at night before her bed-time. Today, when Wayne and I took a short walk with her to the supermarket in our yard, I asked Wayne to help me push my hair out of my face since my hands were full carrying her (and I was wearing gloves). A few minutes later, when she saw my hair fall onto my face, she actually also used her little fingers to help me push them away. *Cue dramatic music and mother's touched sobbing...*

Everyday, Wayne and I will go 'We don't know about other daughters, but our daughter is so cute, don't you think?' - hahaha!

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