Sunday, January 3, 2010

Snowy 2010

The last time I blogged was last year! Whee, that sounds like eons ago, haha! But time did whizz by for us the past few days as the nanny was on leave for the New Year (effectively leaving us stranded and nanny-less since Thursday night - she cooked dinner then left, coming back only this morning, thus the long delay from postings on this blog...).

We did not do anything special on New Year's Eve/New Year's Day, but brought Rosabelle out for lunch at Prima Kitchen after a short walk downstairs in the cold, cold weather. It was a special New Year for us, though, as Rosabelle decided to pick this special day to start toddling around steadily on her own! She can now walk around pretty much without holding onto us, so cute.

Also, look what we woke up to on the morning of January 2:
It had snowed slightly the night before, and luckily did not hamper our lunch plans at Grandma's Kitchen, where Rosabelle is as usual very excited to see her own reflection in the mirror.
She always wants to plant kisses on herself...
We took a slight detour before lunch to bring Rosabelle around to see the snow-laden pathways around our house. Strangely enough, she did not want to get down to walk on her own (always wants to be let down to walk at any other time) - maybe it's the strange feeling of the white snow on the ground.
Snuggled safely in Daddy's protectice arms, she goes around 'vandalising' cars and leaving her Superhero 'Rosabelle' name...
We also let her touch snow for the first time, dipping her fingers into the snow and feeling the soft, powdery, and very cold snow on her palms. After about 10 seconds, she decided she does not like the cold and did not want to touch it further, heh!
It was very cold that day, and of course, there were no other kids around.
Here's a self-taken shot at the basketball/tennis courts, which was of course deserted...
Thank goodness we brought her out yesterday for a taste of snow as it started snowing even more heavily last night, and has been continuing to snow for the whole of today.
The snow is very thick, and the snowflakes are huge (you can see in below pic). Even primary and secondary schools are closed tomorrow because of the bad weather. Tsk tsk!
We asked another girl in the yard to come upstairs to our home to play this morning, but Wen Wen, who is 3 months younger than Rosabelle, did not take well to Rosabelle's warm welcome of kissing/hugging her. Rosabelle even very sweetly took her favourite toys to show/share with Wen Wen - so nice of her. Looks like we need to look for more playmates for indoor fun over the next few days!
Hope everybody has a wonderful 2010, whether snowed under or not!

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