Sunday, January 3, 2010

It pays to eavesdrop, eh?

Last week, we got a collapsible/foldable stool for Rosabelle - the kinds that you pay RMB5 more for when purchasing something from Lijia. When she first saw it, she indicated to the nanny that she wanted to sit on it, and even shook her body/legs when enjoying her new 'toy'.

Two days ago, when Wayne placed the stool against the sofa, she actually climbed onto it and went up on the sofa, using the stool as a tool - Daddy was very impressed, heh!
She went further to impress/amuse us when I was feeding her dinner on Thursday. She will normally point to her table on the high chair and say '这、这!' to indicate that she wants finger foods to be placed there for her to feed herself. However, instead of using the Chinese phrase that day, she erupted into a quick 'Put here, put here!'. When I burst out laughing at the clear enunciation of the two words, she said '这、这!' again, showing that she understands it means the same thing. So she will occasionally repeatedly say her 'Put here, put here!' at times, in other scenarios like when she wants toys to be placed somewhere to her desire, haha!

She has also been picking up alot of Wayne's words - when I asked Wayne if I needed to put on a scarf for her, he replied '不用', and Rosabelle immediately shook her head and went '不用、不用'. She will repeat this whenever she hears us saying it, just like when Daddy ordered dinner the other day and said '不要味精', Rosabelle said '不要' and can now use this phrase correctly - so funny!

It's fun to see her mimicking/parroting us, just like how she makes a 'Whoooo!' sound upon hearing the juice blender in the shop, repeating this sound when I ask her 'What sound does the blender make?', and she has recently picked up the 'Kuka, kuka' sound of the frog as well - good girl!

It will really be fun times when we head back to Singapore for Chinese New Year - yaaay! We've booked tickets home from 6 Feb till 6 Mar - a full month! My family's planning a short trip to Genting, so see how that goes, but Wayne's vacation is still iffy, so hopefully fingers crossed he can join us, but I am gearing myself up for yet another solo trip with our girl!

Loads of errands to run, loads of things to buy, loads of places to go and loads of people to catch up with - with loads of to-dos...why am I so excited about it all? Heh... can't wait!

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