Monday, January 4, 2010


Rosabelle likes looking at the photos we have of her and our family members on the fridge - this is where the nanny/Wayne will rock her to sleep at times at night. Of late, she has also been playing with a few favourite photos, grabbing them and kissing them (especially the one with my mum and another with Simon Geg Ge and Marianne Jie Jie), putting them into her walker.

So I recently developed a few new photos and redid the layout, only to have to shift the last few photos upwards as I forgot she can now reach out and grab at them (if we are not careful, the heavy magnets will fall onto her so I can only place the lighter ones below).

She woke up to the new photo collage with exclamations of 'Ah! Ah! Ah!' over breakfast until Wayne had to carry her out of her high chair to look at the pictures.
Seeing that she likes looking at photographs so much, and we'd taken some nice family photos, Wayne and I decided to finally fill up the blank space on the wall between our rooms with a montage of photos in picture frames. We bought a set of 13 assorted frames off, and Wayne got down to some DIY-ing this afternoon (with a cameo from our little helper).

The set came with a paper layout that you could easily position onto the wall with pins.
Next, he placed the nails onto the centre portions and hammered all 13 of them in.
Then he tore off the whole piece of paper and left the nails on the wall. Our little girl also wanted a bit of action with her toy hammer, haha!
Later on, when Rosabelle took her afternoon nap, Wayne and I sorted the photos into the frames and got them set up. Ta dah! The set even comes with a balancer(?) that you place on the middle of each of the frames to ensure that they are correctly positioned.
After all the 'hard work', the best reward came to Wayne and I when we carried Rosabelle out from her afternoon nap, and she could not stop beaming when she saw the beautiful photos on the wall. She even wanted to clap, but stopped herself short as she was not sure if it was appropriate, and quickly put her hands to her mouth (to maybe gasp/hide her smile?). Her sweet and bright smile was so genuine and lovely...awwww.....
Wayne initially wanted to get a 23-piece set, but I advised him against it as we do not have such a large wall, and we have many other photos/frames around the living room/TV console area. Glad that it turned out quite nice, don't you think?

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