Wednesday, April 20, 2011


Before I dash off to fetch my girl from school, I know that I might have seemed like a blog hermit, but no, I have not disappeared. I have merely just settled our girl into kindy (she's adjusting so well, the teachers are impressed!), gotten a job (well, unofficially, that is, because the letter of offer has yet to come, heh!), gotten into a major spring-cleaning fest (to rehaul my whole wardrobe for change of seasons and change of housewife-to-professional look) etc etc.

If you've been missing me, and can't get enough of me, I've gotten onto the Twitter bandwagon, or more accurately, the Weibo bandwagon, because as with all things, we can't access Twitter in China. So China comes up with its own Twitter, and I just got an account and am posting updates quite actively on this (as you can see on the sidebar). It's all in Chinese, so if you love me, follow me here...

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