Monday, August 4, 2008

House gatherings and dust gatherings

Over the weekend, we attended the post-wedding celebrations of my colleague, Brad (a great VP at our sister company, Powell Tate). He and the missus, Stephanie, held their wedding in Chicago recently, but decided to hold another bash at their house on Saturday. Wayne and I gathered around with his colleagues and friends at their lovely home, and enjoyed great company, food, and according to Wayne, great wine ( alcohol for me, obviously!).

I did not bring my camera with me (with me looking pui-er by the day, I am no longer the cam whore that I used to be anymore), but my colleague, Maggie, managed to get some shots, of herself with the happy couple (Brad obviously is one with the beard, and Stephanie's in white), and of Wayne and I. Loads of people said I'm looking good, and that they have decided I'm the most adorable pregnant person they know (adorable = pui and rotound, I guess? hehe...).

The next day, Wayne and I decided to do a bit of packing (minor spring cleaning). I decided that with our house being small and having limited storage space, we had to do away with junk and also pack/stack our stuff in a more "strategic" and less space-wasting way (e.g. some of the stuff could be stacked on top of each other; we could do away with storage boxes; we could give away some stuff; we could put stuff we don't normally use in higher shelves so that baby stuff can be easily reachable etc etc).

Basically, in my condition, Wayne was my hands and legs - I moved my mouth only by telling him to shift this and move that, and he did most of the hard work (poor thing, he had a sore back after!), and we've managed to free up space, and are left with only the shoe cabinet and guest wardrobe to attend to this weekend. Yaay....

We also looked around at baby cribs and bath tubs on Saturday, but guess we'll only start buying them before I leave for Singapore (our house does not have the luxury of much space around lah!) - I've decided to only buy the major stuff in Beijing, but for rest of baby stuff, I'll just head back to Singapore first and see what my sis has left over for me, or if need be, I'll still need to get them in Singapore as Rosabelle's first months are there. No point us buying here (and risk getting the wrong stuff), and having to lug all the way to SG and back!

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