Friday, August 15, 2008

Totally sapped

One definition of "sapped" from the Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary:
- to gradually diminish the supply or intensity of
- to weaken or exhaust the energy or vitality of

The above is exactly what Wayne's poor Daddy is feeling now. As you know, they are now in town to catch the Olympics action but perhaps it's due to a hectic past few days (where they both woke up really early (like, before 7 am) to head out in Beijing's hot August weather to places like the National Grand Theatre, Qianmen, or to scout for a place for Dad to play his favourite game of table tennis. Or the fact that the room aircon was too cold for them the first night. Or maybe it's due to new surroundings and they have not been resting well.

In any case, it has caused Mum to come down with a red eye (not conjunctivitis, but burst blood capillaries - too heaty), and Dad to come down with a bad flu. Bad enough for Mum to have to take him to the hospital this morning for a jab and glucose drip, and bad enough for them and Wayne to have to leave just 20 minutes into the finals of the Women's All-round Gymnastics this morning (which China got a bronze medal for) to go to the hospital again for further checks.

Poor thing...his nose was all red last night, and he was running a slight fever (he even told Mum he wanted to go home for fear of infecting me, aiyo!). Anyway, hope he gets better in time to catch the next event - the finals of Men's Parallel+Horizontal Bars/Women's Beam on Tuesday, 19 Aug, if not it'll be a wasted trip for them to not be able to enjoy the Games, not to mention him feeling terrible all the time...

On a lighter note and to celebrate the coming weekend (am going for my 28w check-up on Sunday!), enjoy some Dilbert clips showcasing some other work situations that I would certainly NOT miss (luckily I don't have to encounter them in my current job...). TGIF!

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