Sunday, May 8, 2011

Mamee's Day

When I picked Rosabelle up from school on Friday (was late by 15 minutes because the driver took the wrong turn... late two days in a row because of jams and taxi drivers - luckily our girl did not cry and just hung around waiting. GULP!), she greeted me with a '妈妈,节日快乐!', heh! Must be what the teachers taught her... and she handed me this:
So sweet! Of course the teachers drew the face and the kids just crumpled paper to paste as a necklace, but it was still really awwww.... My first-ever gift from my daughter!

Mum called me today to say she got the flowers I arranged from Far East Flora for her.
We also discussed about the latest elections in Singapore - I was quite sad to hear that George Yeo got ousted. He has really done alot for the country and his constituency, and if people voted for the opposition to just get back at the PAP, sigh, it really is unfair to him. But, this is a family blog after all, so I shall not go into all the politics.

For us here, all of us headed to the chiro's this morning as we wanted to get a massage - I've been having quite a neckache and wanted to correct it before I started work. But everybody else had the same idea and we had to wait for an hour and still had no idea when it would be our turn, so we decided to just leave. Sigh!

And went for lunch at a Shanghai restaurant to celebrate Mother's Day.
It's the first time I have a shot of my new specs, and here's to all Mummies - Happy Mother's Day!

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