Sunday, May 8, 2011

Showing off her new 'do

Mummy had a new do, so of course our girl had to follow suit. Her fringe was growing to her eyelids already, and with hot weather coming, the back was getting longer, so I'd actually intended to get the snip for her over this weekend.

However, I decided Friday evening that since she didn't want to go back for dinner yet, to bring her to the hairdresser in our compound (she's been there before). However, when I called Wayne to get the number, she overheard and started crying, saying she did not want to get her hair cut. Hmmm... tricky tricky...

And so, I did my brainwashing. 'Erm, ok.... it's your own choice. We can leave the hair to grow, and it can cover your eyes, so let's just throw away all your books at home since you won't be able to read them anyway. Oh, and the hair will grow and grow and cover your mouth, so you won't be able to eat the things you like, and you will go hungry.' Silence. A few seconds of thinking, and finally, agreement! Applause all round!

I triumphantly walked to the hair salon, and she again started crying outside the shop. More brain-washing before the hair washing, and we managed to go in and take a seat without a struggle.

Then the tears fell again, so I said, 'Ok, let's go home then, let's not cut. It's your decision, but once you decide, I do not want anymore crying.', and it worked! She agreed to get the cut and immediately stopped, and for the next TWENTY minutes, she sat very still, on my lap, allowing the hairdresser to put the cloth around her (never agreed to this before), and basically just followed whatever we wanted. Bend your head down. Close your eyes. Don't move... she was such an obedient girl that I almost couldn't believe my luck! And the hairdresser of course kept heaping praises on her. Unbelievable!

And we then went home and bathed ourselves clean (I had hair all over my clothes too). And that's her with her new 'do - she's actually quite pleased with it, even though she doesn't look so here... She's actually concentrating hard on a new numbers sticker book I got back from Singapore previously and took out the other day - she was intent on pasting all 100 stickers, and was hard at work for close to 1.5 hours, right until I said she needed to go to bed. She then laid down on the sofa and said, '好累啊' - haha! I really have to give it to her for being so focused for such a long time!
The next day on Saturday, she woke up early enough for us to go for Kindermusik classes early at MOMA, and was most active and obliging in participating in all the activities. She's the oldest in the class, and acts like it, helping to keep things, switching off the lights during rest time, and knows that we have to sing the 'goodbye' song before she runs off to play with other toys or do other things (takes alot of self-control for her to not be distracted for 45 minutes, and she always does me proud!).

After class, we went downstairs to play sand with a younger boy in class.
Lunch was a Singapore affair at Lau Pa Sak with Wayne's colleagues, and when we left, Rosabelle kept saying she did not want to go home. In the car seat, she was still playing happily and before we knew it, she had fallen fast asleep - haha! We ran some errands as she slept, and when we reached our house, Wayne volunteered to stay with her as carrying ehr out would mean waking her up. She slept for about an hour and a half before coming up and taking a rest, eating some grapes, before we headed out again, heh!

At night, we went to Solana, where she sawa a trampoline open for kids, and was very attracted to it, but didn't dare to try it out. Well, next time huh...
We then went to Golden Spoon for dinner, before walking around abit more...
I'm just trying to cramp as many entries as I can now - 12 hours before I need to get ready for my first day of work, and I have so many entries left - yikes!

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