Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Backtrack SG: When in Singapore...

In Singapore, other than major outings (which I will detail in later posts), I will bring Rosabelle out to other places since transport is so accessible and clean. On 4 June, I walked to Singapore Post Center with her and went to the optician, bought books from Popular for her, and even to NTUC as I fed her sweet cherries that she loved, as she sat in the supermarket trolley (cherries in Beijing are so sour!). I regretted buying the books on my own as I realised later that my brother-in-law has 10% member discount, and I had to lug it all the way back whilst carrying her at times when walking home.

On our way back, we saw a stray cat that she liked, and not being afraid, she started saying '猫猫,来!', and sure enough, the pregnant cat started galloping towards us. I remember my hairs standing on end, as not being a cat person, I get goosebumps when they come too near, so I had to quickly drag her away and run on home. Heh!

And of course there's the perennial trips to NTUC, especially the one in Bedok, as we would go to the hawker center to buy food. On 8 June, and many weekends after, we went there together with my mum.

When in Singapore, I always make a pilgrimage to my favourite Parkway Parade (this place seriously has everything and anything I need to buy and eat), going on 10 June with my mum and Simon. I got her a pair of shoes from Mothercare and after that, we went for lunch at Fish & Co., where my mum was so angry with Simon for not eating well, sigh... bad example for Rosabelle meimei!

I rented for her a car stroller for SGD3/hour, and our girl enjoyed the novelty for all of like 5 minutes before deciding that she wanted to come out and run and/or be carried by me. At the same time, she refused to let Simon sit or touch it and was pushing him as I loaded up on my Bodyshop stuff...so naughty. I also got a pair of Diego Crocs at 30% discount for a kid in the yard as his mother couldn't get a small-enough size (and it's more expensive) in Beijing.

That's her in the car stroller as I fed her some some durian ice-cream (she could recognise the taste as durian even though she only tried the fruit once prior).
And her trying out the kiddy rides whilst waiting for my mother to clear the hurdle that is Giant supermarket...
Maybe it was the ice-cream that day, but thank goodness she pooed as it was already the 6th day since she had moved her bowels. The whole Parkway experience must have made her so exhausted (she only slept awhile at 5pm - a much-too-late nap that day) that she slept really early that night, phew!

On 12 June, we went with my parents to United Square, where our little poser (poseur) strutted her stuff:
I bought loads of clothing for her from Cotton On as there was a sale on, and everything looked oh-so-cute and importantly, they were not expensive. We had dinner at Swensen's that night, and then, two days later, on 14 June, we went to United Square yet again...this time with my sis, Simon and Marianne to catch...

The Ben 10 Show!
After we all shopped together at Cotton On (where I bought even more items again) and Toys R Us (to get receipts in exchange for a photo session with Ben 10 characters), my sis brought the kids to queue up for the photo opportunity first as I went to Coletee and bought her two pairs of shoes on 50% discount (a girl can't have too many shoes - that's my mantra, and who says they can't start young, tsk tsk...).

That's our girl watching the show from below:
And that's the group shots of us with the characters (with her being more fascinated by the big-headed lady behind her), haha...
After that, we went to Jack's Place for a late lunch, and on the way home, she liked the California sundried raisins I brought so much that she was asking for a third small packet, aiyo!
By the time we reached home and she had her nap, it was 5pm, and she slept for a solid three hours!
On 24 June, she was due for her DPT/DT jab and together with my mum and Simon, we brought her to KKH for her 3:30pm appointment (thank goodness she slept till 11am that morning since she was going to have a later nap anyway). She refused to cooperate to get her height/weight taken, so we're open on that, haha! Here she is waiting for our number...
The nagging heart murmur is still there, so we have an appointment for 20 October with the cardiologist (strangely, the system does not have an open date, with the clerk advising that I call nearer to the date to push it - otherwise, I can't get an appointment and also have to pay private fees if I schedule it myself in future). The doctor also ordered me to put her on lactulose (for up to two months) to clear her constipation problem - she started on it the next day and actually pooed 30 minutes later (5 days' worth), and another time about 5 hours later! Our poor girl then had to take her jab, as well as draw blood from the back of her hand that day as the doctor ordered a thyroid test to eliminate the condition, given the signs of prolonged jaundice, constipation (but otherwise she's developing well), so thankfully we have that cleared. At the pharmacy, when an aunty passed by and saw the handyplasts on her hand and thigh and asked what happened, she told her 'painful', haha...

Luckily our girl wasn't fussy/fussing, but to make up for it, I sat together with her on an animal ride before we went home... (and forgetful me actually went against the doctor's advice and totally forgot, giving her a bath that night - eeks).

That evening, we went out for dinner with my family for nyonya food at Chili Padi, where our girl tried soursop and bamboo shoot for the first time, heh!
Maybe it's the injection that was keeping her awake, but she did not want to go to sleep till way past 12 midnight that night, wanting to go from room to room to look for the kids, and squeezing with Marianne onto her bed, aiyo! Such light nights, coupled with side effects of the jab, caused her to have a fever (38 deg) and be fretful the next morning, but thankfully that cleared after a cold patch.
On 26 June, we went with our parents by train (taking the circle line for the first time!) to Ang Mo Kio Hub where we had lunch at the food court. After lunch, I let her sit on the kiddy rides for awhile, but she decided that she wanted to be permanently glued to it and refused to get off after repeated warnings/cajoling. So I literally plucked her off the train ride, bawling away and pushing me as I carried her on the escalator towards the toilet. She was pushing against me so much that I had to carry her sideways, still crying, as I continued scolding her to get her to stop. In the end, I put her in a corner near the toilet as I threatened to walk away if she continued fussing, and had to carry her into the toilet cubicle with me to stop her crying. Sheesh, what a meltdown! Many on-lookers must have thought that I'm a mean mum for making her cry like that, but that tactic worked as the next kiddy ride she went on (yes, I don't learn my lesson - the lesson is for her to learn), she came off it obligingly when I beckoned her to. I believe in giving warnings (and not immediately just plucking her off), but when a warning is not heeded/falls on deaf ears, sorry ma'am, don't say I didn't tell you.
After walking around, we took a bus back, and she again made me angry that day before her nap when she pushed me again when I was carrying her to shampoo her hair, that I hit at her arm to stop her coming at me. I saw a faint fingernail mark on the arm after and felt slightly guilty, but it taught her well to stop being ungrateful when her mother was sweltering away in the hot toilet, and trying to carry her properly with one arm whilst shampooing her hair with the other!
Again, abrupt end to post as I go dedicate my efforts to drafting other updates, so there!

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