Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Count on me (not!), Singapore!

'Twas the night before our nation's (Singapore's) 45th birthday celebrations, and on 8 August, guess what the three generations of Shis were doing?...
Haha! They all pretended to sleep on the shoe couch, but our girl obviously peeped/peeked at times...
And ran away to do her own solo...
And we get one with her looking uber-exhausted (faking it, because she sleeps close to 12 every night!).
Our faithful son-in-law of Singapore doesn't forget the task of holding up a Singapore flag.
Yes, this is my weak attemept at DIY to let my daughter wave the flag around on 9 August.
And so she got dressed on 9 August to wish Singapore a Happy Birthday (she said/sang both 'Happy Birthday' and '生日快乐' on this day). She held onto it for awhile before pushing it to me, and I was stuck with the flag poking awkwardly out of my bag the whole morning. We got alot of curious stares (maybe at how ugly my flag turned out, haha!), and it was a good chance to introduce to all her friends that it was Singapore's birthday, heh!
So she won't be picking up 'Stand up for Singapore' anytime soon, but there's still a Singaporean in all of us, big or small - here's a belated birthday to my favourite country in the whole wide world, my HOME!

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