Wednesday, August 18, 2010

My pail, my sanctuary

(Written on 17 August) - I am on a roll... with a very cooperative FreeVPN, this is the last of my backdated postings (save for Singapore ones...I know I owe those BIG time...)

On 16 August (Chinese Valentine’s Day!), Rosabelle woke up and wandered around the house a bit as we got her breakfast ready. She normally used to play with her clothes pails by pushing/carrying them around the house (can manage one heavy pail in each hand these days), or when I was teaching her colours, to bellow ‘yellow pail…red pail…’ in each respective pail for an echo effect.

She decided to reinvent and used the pail for something else that morning…
I was ‘supervising’ her from the corner of my eyes as I prepared her utensils, and got quite worried that she would trip going in the pail herself, but she was quite gingerly balancing herself, and looked mighty pleased with her newfound cosy corner, haha!
That night, after dinner, she suddenly complained that her left sole was painful, and actually walked/ran around the house with a slight limp (i.e. dragging her left foot along). When we asked her to point to her source of discomfort, she indicated the ball of the foot. Wayne thinks it could be the hard flooring, or the fact that we have the aircon on (so the floor’s cold), so I put on some socks for her (we adults have slippers on all the time whilst she goes barefooted). It seemed to help a bit, maybe psychologically, as she was walking/running better. After I nursed her that night, she still indicated it was painful, but was this time ambiguous, even pointing to the toe at times.

Luckily when she got up this morning, she said there was no more pain when asked, and could walk normally. Hopefully it’s not a sign of anything serious…

On the other ‘conditions’ – I finally took her off the lactulose medication from 17 August, after she pooed for 3 days straight (never been the case – she will poo for two days, then stop for at least a day…) from 14 till 16 August, and thankfully she managed to also poo a little after lunch on 17 August. Think I will try to let her cultivate a habit of ‘going at it’ after lunch, before her bath time every day. She likes to read the Parents & Kids magazine, flipping it till death, and will request for it every time she’s pooing, just like how we adults like to read when we are on the bowl, haha!

On to less dirty business, she can now recite 悯农 (Wayne will try to explain to her the meaning so that she knows not to waste food), and 跷跷板 as well – she can recite Naughty Pussy Cat with some prompting, complete with the hands at armpits angry sign, haha…

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