Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Xiao Di Di

(Written on 16 August)

As Rosabelle’s friend, Feifei, has a new baby brother (born on Singapore’s National Day), we decided to pay the mummy a visit in the hospital. However, she kept insisting we don’t come with any gifts, and since I don’t have much time to shop around (or online), I decided to pack a soft toy cozzie lamb that my sis passed to me, and a Cotton On bib I had bought in Singapore with the intention of giving to them anyway.

On Sunday 15 August, after I rolled the presents up, our girl saw it in the bag upon waking up from her nap (it was too late to go by the time she got up, so we could only go after dinner), and took them out to play with, happily posing with the bib around her and claiming she wanted to go ‘买菜' as she held onto the hanger of the cozzie…
After a thankfully quick dinner, we quickly rushed out (our girl wanted to help with taking the bag of presents, saying that it is for ‘Feifei 弟弟'), and reached the hospital in less than 30 minutes. However, they have a rule against children before 14 years of age from entering the wards, so I went in first whilst Wayne took care of Rosabelle outside, and was greeted with this bundle of joy…
How sweet! His name is Chen Wan He (his brother’s Chen Wan Yi – Dad’s a Chen, and Mum’s a Wan, so they amalgated both surnames…), and he was 3.4kg, 50 cm at birth. The hospital encourages breastfeeding so they do not provide/encourage the use of bottles, giving a spoon/cup for formula, and have the infants sleep beside their mums from birth. There were two patients per room and according to the mummy, there were so many births on that day (25!) that they were running out of rooms (with mummies waiting along the corridors…). She thinks Wan He looks much more refined/gentle than his brutish-looking brother, but I think they look very much the same. Heh!

After I went out, Wayne went in for awhile, and poor Rosabelle could only stay outside whilst she asked his Mummy for ‘Feifei 哥哥?弟弟?'. She was very well-behaved throughout, even on the car journey back home, but decided to be naughty and hit me slightly, saying ‘Don’t want Mummy’ after I refused to let her hold the camera. And so I showed her who’s boss and proceeded to ignore her, letting Wayne carry her out of the car and back home as I walked quickly in front, with her crying ‘要Mummy carry’ at the back. However, she immediately stopped when a stranger came into the lift, haha!

When we got home, I still ignored her, and Nainai took over from Papa when she decided to again smack Nainai. Aiyo, this time Wayne lost his cool and immediately carried her into Nainai’s room and meted out the same punishment of making her stand alone in a corner again. Now Wayne usually has a loud voice and when he got angry, he was scolding her with a booming ‘Why did you beat Nainai? Why? Didn’t I tell you not to beat Nainai?’, our girl did not really flinch. She kept coming out of the corner and started saying, ‘要奶奶carry’, though Wayne sent her back quickly.

In the end, after about two minutes, he went into the room, gave her another talking to before she made peace by apologizing to Nainai. I told Wayne she really is quite thick-skinned, not once crying throughout this punishment… sigh! I don’t know whether I should be glad that she is so resilient, or be worried that she’s rather ‘immune’ to all these scoldings…

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