Monday, November 1, 2010

And in she dives!

As I was looking through the photos in the camera over breakfast yesterday, our girl clamoured to me to help her 照相, and even struck a variety of poses for me…
Lunch-time, however, was a different story altogether… she was exceptionally whiney, and justifiably so, as she had a rather close shave in the morning on our walks. See, after we came back from the playground at another estate (we walked there early in the morning with another kid, as there were no other kids in our own yard area), she played briefly with another older girl and her young brother (she is so sweet with younger kids these days – when she saw the young boy sneeze, she immediately plucked his blanket from the top of his stroller and draped it over him, making sure his feet were well-covered – awww….). And then the two girls decided to climb onto the bench near the bushes and started plucking at the leaves.

I don’t normally allow/like her to pluck leaves as they are quite dirty (who knows who peed on them?!) and it also kills the poor leaves, but she was having fun and not doing much damage, so I left her at it. However, I was standing on the other side of the bench, and in retrospect, should have stood at the same side she was on.

Before I knew it, she had lost her balance whilst going too far out to reach for a leaf, and dived headway into the bushes and fallen onto the floor! I quickly ran over and pulled our crying girl from the bushes, only to be greeted by a dirty face full of soil and some blood. On closer inspection after sitting her down, I quickly took a wet wipe to first wipe away the soil around her mouth area, and saw a scratch near the corner of her left eye, and some blood on her mouth from two slight cuts to her upper/lower lips. The area below her nose (right above her mouth) was also quite red, so she must have hit her lower face down quite hard, making a 45-degree dive into the bushes. Thank goodness the bushes cushioned her fall somewhat so she did not hit her head/face hard onto the floor, and thank goodness she did not stab herself in the eye with the twigs/thorns.

Of course she needed some TLC and cajoling before stopping her crying, which lasted for about two minutes. For the rest of the afternoon, she screamed ‘painful’ whenever we asked her to blow her nose; turns out that it’s more obvious today as a slight scab has formed over the area below the nose – she must have grazed the skin there and it would have been smarting for her when we touched the area, poor thing. Other than that, the slight scratch near the eye area had faded, and I could only see dots of blood on her upper and lower lips – the damage wasn’t as bad as I thought but I shudder at the thought that it could have been worse. Maybe it was the crying in the cold air, but she developed a slight cough after that and has been coughing at times since. Sigh!

Lesson learnt for me and her – for me, I just have to ensure I am around her whenever she is in so much as a precarious position (and prevent it in the first place), I cannot afford to be out of her reach and leave it to chance. For her – I always tell her not to pluck leaves, so I told her the leaves were angry and have taken revenge by swallowing her up (the gaping hole in the bushes was still there when we went today, and she was showing everybody where she fell, haha!), and that she has to be careful in not missing a step and falling over.

However, it’s not always a lesson learnt for every fall. She had fallen from her step stool in the toilet previously, and the other night, when Wayne and I were having a disagreement about my constant shouting at our girl (she was really testing my patience during teeth-brushing time, walking around with the toothbrush in her mouth, touching/pulling at the soap dispenser and towels… he thinks I should be more patient and reason with/distract her, and I do at times lose my cool quite easily – guess we have to cope with this all the time and he does not realize how ‘patient’ you can get if you face this day in/day out), she fell down from the step stool again. That of course made us stop our squabbling immediately, and I felt guilty that we were too absorbed in our silly tiff to catch/watch her and prevent the fall… sigh… poor thing.

Guess there’s only so much we can do to watch over our girl!

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