Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Last week’s classes

Blogging has taken a hiatus, not helped by Hotspot Shield failing me (and in between downloading a new update that turned out to be a fake one and had many Trojan viruses! AND when I manage to log in, it takes FOREVER to upload even low-res pics….)… so as usual, it’s the conventional ‘blog in Word, then paste later’ mode.

Last Wednesday was Mommy & Me day at 3e again, and as usual Wayne drove us there, but not before posing for a shot of father and daughter looking spiffy in their winter gear…
We played with tea leaves and soaked confetti, but Rosabelle strangely (or maybe not?) prefers the book section these days, spending more time there than anywhere else, getting me to read the books she picks.

After class, we took a slow walk to Element Fresh again, where she had a disappointing teriyaki chicken rice kid’s set (chicken was too tough and came with fats at the edges, and the broccoli was really hard), so thank goodness I ordered her favourite pork wontons and she almost finished all of the mushroom soup.

On our walk to Lido Place to visit the bookshop again, she was greeting strangers along the way – somebody was apparently in a chirpy mood!
I’d wanted to get 3 titles at the bookshop, but had a lot of difficulty finding another book of the same value (as it’s still a ‘Buy One, Get One Free’ promotion), since I already had most of the titles I wanted. The slothy sales person wasn’t much help even, stuck to a game at her laptop and telling me to look for myself when I asked which other book costs RMB52 – they don’t classify by pricing, so I had to basically flip every book on its back.

In the end, Rosabelle was already perspiring from the heating in the shop (I wasn’t planning to stay for long, so I did not take off her coat/scarf), and I gave up looking for the books – I ended up going out of the shop empty-handed. If Ms. Sloth is so lazy, she’s not going to earn my easy money (obviously she’s not the boss, or at least she would have been more eager/helpful, but still!), and I made my disdain/disgust known with the mess of books all over the shelves – serves her right and gives her some work to do to earn her keep!

Then, Thursday was Kindermusic at Familier again, and we strangely had a high absentee rate with only two other kids around, one of who was Yi An, her
Korean admirer from the previous week. His mum told me after he woke from his afternoon nap that day, he was still looking for Rosabelle and refused to believe his mum she was gone (even though he sent us down to take a taxi), and kept looking in the toilet to see if she was there (as we had planned to just use their toilet and scoot that day). Heh! How sweet…

This time round, his mum cleverly brought biscuits and fruits to fill him up, and got her Ayi to come and play with him, basically putting him in an uber-good mood so that he would not cry during class, and it worked! But Rosabelle was bent on planting kisses on him/hugging him during the course of the class, even hitting him twice when he resisted her amorous advances – oh dear!

She was most uncooperative during class, running all over the place and refusing to participate in/sing along to songs she normally likes at home. Sigh! However, story time was something else, and she loved the story about different fishes in the ocean, and even Yuliya knows that she has to keep reminding Rosabelle to sit a distance away, or she will stand and/or go too near and basically prevent anyone else from seeing the book.

After class, we stayed on to play and have lunch, which was a seriously disappointing affair. The shrimp udon noodles was miserable (two small shrimps) with loads of mushroom (that Rosabelle spat out as she found them too chewy) and some sliced turnip (she only ate a little). Even the egg added was raw – hello… children’s food… raw egg?!!!

My Indian fried noodle (popularly known as Nasi Goreng), promising of noodles in sambal sauce, was a pathetic mass/blob of unappetizing-looking noodles with 3 measly prawns at the side. I took a bite of the noodles – they were too stringy and reeked of some cheap prawn paste, nothing like the delicious Nasi Gorengs we have in Singapore or any decent outlets in Beijing. I decided to order a teriyaki chicken skewer and a Cajun chicken sandwich (both of which had meat too dry/tough). Sigh… Rosabelle did not eat much, though she enjoyed the fries, haha! I felt bad to force her to eat more as the food was really terrible. So she just ate junk food, and also ate grapes/tangerines I and Yi An’s mother brought.

I made sure the service staff heard my feedback about the bad bowl of noodles posing as Nasi Goreng, and they nicely waived off the charges, but the rest of lunch was too bad for me to complain about. Guess it’s going to be our last time eating there (unless I just have my fix of crispy waffles– last week’s waffles were way too soft!).

Yi An also had lunch there, and he was gorging on a pack of organic fruit chips as he sweetly offered Rosabelle some – he swallows after chewing like only twice (or not at all?), and both he and Rosabelle should really strike a balance in their chewing times! After her friend left, we stayed on to play awhile more, with her refusing to go and asking me to read her more books. I had to remind her that she had books at home waiting for her to read before she would leave… aiyo!
When she came home, she slept immediately after I nursed her – obviously a tiring morning/afternoon, and not helped by the lousy lunch!

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