Friday, November 19, 2010

Cutie in search of the elusive luggage

On Monday night, after Rosabelle finished up a bowlful of hot milk and was slightly sweaty whilst I was brushing her teeth, I decided to just quickly tie her hair up just for fun/laughs. I didn’t do much tying in summer as her hair wasn’t as long, and I am hesitant to start pulling at/tugging her hairline at such a young age, preferring for her to go au naturel, but doesn’t she look so cute here?
Think she likes it and even kept staring at the mirror to pose, and ran out to Wayne at the dinner table and strike an ‘act cute’ pose, oh dear…

Wednesday morning, we headed to 3e for another session of Mommy & Me, but we were early and had her playing at the slides first. Doesn’t she look like a boy here with her hair under the beanie? Heh!
The kids played with pasta (and sorting), paint and dough stamping/rolling, but it seemed more crowded than usual with about 13 kids (instead of the usual 12, and even then, not all will turn up).

After class and a banana snack, we took a long walk to Tom’s DVD where I bought about 8 cartoons for Simon and Marianne (Rosabelle was helping me to hold the plastic bag of DVDs for awhile, then handed it back to me as she said, ‘妈妈,给你吧。袋子光拉玥玥手' – heh!), then to Comptoirs de France for her favourite madeleines, before heading to Annie’s for a well-deserved lunch as it was quite a walk from the school. Along the way, we went into a shop to look at their luggage bags, and as they were also selling/displaying shoes on the wall, Rosabelle suddenly said ‘放不对', and the sales assistant thought she was making a casual remark, and went on to ask her to put it correctly. True enough, one of the shoes (of about 30 on the wall) was facing the opposite direction from the rest, and our girl went on to turn it around – talk about OCD!

At Annie’s, I ordered way too much, forgetting that our girl can survive on bread and biscuits – I’d wanted her to eat some of the chicken/spinach tortellini, mushroom soup, and baked cheese mushrooms I’d ordered (and I polished off a small Caesar salad by myself), but instead, she preferred to just gorge on the complimentary bread until I quickly polished them off myself, adding to my already distended stomach eating the food she did not want. Luckily she ate like two tortellinis, and a few mouthfuls of soup, and maybe one cheese mushroom, but I basically ate up the rest (well, save for 3 tortellinis – there was only so much I could take).

Next stop was the Sunny Street Market, similar to Yaxiu/Xiushui Street, where foreigners buy fakes and get fleeced. I needed to get a bigger luggage bag for our upcoming trip, and was intent on not paying more than RMB120, but after one round to different stalls (they quoted me prices ranging from RMB360 to RMB480 for the same fake Swiss Army luggage), I realized nobody would go lower than RMB150.

In the end, I went to one of the bigger stalls and was prepared to fork out RMB150, but after inspecting her luggage, I realized it wasn’t of as good a quality than another nearer the entrance, so I rejected and said I did not want it. That sent the lady in a fury, saying, ‘你不要你别让我我拿出来嘛!浪费我时间!没有钱就别买啊!'. My goodness, the bitch! If I wasn’t carrying Rosabelle away, I would have leashed out at her, but I retorted with a, ‘你家东西不好我肯定不买,人家买肉、买菜都得看,这个肯定得看啊!', and just left it at that. I can think of more caustic/rude remarks to make, but thank goodness having a young daughter around tempers your anger somewhat, heh!

And so I made the deal at another store, and happily took a taxi home, and put Rosabelle to sleep (very quickly – she was tired…) before happily transferring all my things into the big luggage (I had to put a piece of pomelo skin in first to get rid of some smell – it’s still there, the smell, that is, not the pomelo skin), and realizing that in the midst of taking things out of the luggage bag, the silly stall assistant also took away my complimentary luggage lock. %$#@%...

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