Friday, November 19, 2010

That irritating twitch

OK, I've been having a twitch in my upper right lid for at least 3 days - I hope it's nothing serious, or nothing superstitiously bad... Read on Internet that it could be due to stress, fatigue, dry eyes, too much time at the computer, too much caffeine etc - not surprising as I need a vacation to prepare for my upcoming vacation, what with all the packing, the things I need to prepare/clean-up before/after the trip. Yikes! It does not help that pollution levels in Beijing are at hazardous levels for the past few days (I thought it was fog this morning - it was actually bad air, oh dear, and I actually brought Rosabelle out!).

I have to remind myself this is a holiday, and it is supposed to be something for me to enjoy, so breathe...

Until I saw an email from my mum's travel agent that they had cancelled their Guangzhou-Guilin connecting flight, and instead of reaching at the same time as me at 2:50 pm, they are reaching only at 5:45 pm. Great, just great. Their return flight to Singapore has already been changed (was the same time as mine actually, and now it's 3 hours later - if I change my flight, I need to pay RMB250...), and now this.

What this means is - that I will be alone with Rosabelle in a strange city (i.e. never visited before) all by myself for that short few hours, taking the hotel-arranged airport transfer by myself, and hoping that they don't have anymore delays. I will just let Rosabelle take her afternoon nap whilst waiting, and hopefully they will arrive as scheduled.

Please let all else be well man!

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