Sunday, December 19, 2010


I just had to share this tale she made up as Rosabelle told me her own bedtime story last night – it goes something like this (of course prompted with questionings from me, but at no time did I offer any of the contents – she made them up herself)

Start of story:

Rachel mei mei went to Aunty Yuliya’s house.

When she reached there with Yueyue, they saw a crocodile (yah, I was expecting them to see ‘toys’, or ‘小朋友’…).

The crocodile was holding a toilet (!).

(Then when prompted further), the crocodile was on the toilet bowl, sssh ssssh (peeing). (What a civilized reptile…)

Yue Yue brought a cake to Aunty Yuliya’s house (she then proceeded to sing a birthday song and blow out the candles).

End of story.

All so weird, but oh so unexpected. The wonders of a child’s mind.

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