Monday, December 20, 2010

'Tis Christmas Season!

Yesterday morning was very windy, so I decided to bring Rosabelle to the supermarket as well since Wayne was heading there for weekly groceries. It was a last-minute decision as I was actually preparing to bring her downstairs, so we did not let her put on any diapers – I was keeping my fingers crossed!

Since Carrefour would normally be stampeded by hoards of people on the weekends, I brought Rosabelle shopping around the small shops, and at B&Q, where she had fun pretending to use various types/colours of watering cans to water the fake fruits/flowers (then feeding me the fruits), flushing every single toilet bowl unit on display, and basically having a field day in a big ‘home’. However, after repeated reminders/requests to ask her to pee, she still decided not to.

That was when my mum called me, after trying to get me since the night before – they had booked two rooms at Hard Rock Hotel at Sentosa on 19 Feb for a night – yaay! We’d stayed at Festive Hotel over CNY this year, so we’ll surely try to use the nice swimming pool this time! Apparently, the rates are uber-expensive (SGD500+ per room, per night), as it’s peak season (because of CNY and Valentine’s, I guess), and all other tour packages they enquired (like Penang, on Air Asia, and still costing SGD700+ - Mum said ‘Go fly kite!!!’, and cruises to nowhere at sky-high prices). I sure am looking forward to it, though I’m going to make sure I pay for all the admission/Sentosa packages since they surely won’t take money from me for the rooms!

As I was chatting with Mum on the phone, our girl told Popo, ‘妈妈带我去supermarket’, heh! And as she was popping the dots on those padded protective foams on a chair rest, I heard the dreaded ‘尿了', as she looked down, and I saw the urine trickling all the way down onto the floor, having soaked through layers of her panty, thermal pants, outer pants, then to her socks, and her shoes. Oh no!

I quickly brought her to the toilet to see if she needed to pee some more, and hastily wiped her legs with some tissue paper – I did not bring extra clothing at all, sigh! Luckily Wayne was almost done, so we went, wet clothing and all, to get stuff from BreadTalk, and my lunch of KFC.

At KFC, as I was waiting in line for my turn, she turned to an older girl next to her and started hugging the poor girl. She was really very, very enthusiastic and warm, and started clutching at the girl’s legs as she sat on the floor and literally humped away like a puppy in heat! My goodness! And she then stood up and pinched the girl’s cheek! Aiyo…. I had to really tear Rosabelle away from the poor girl, who up to this point did not defend herself in any way.

Anyway, on the way home, I gave her a Yakult and let her pinch some of the bread from my burger, and about 5 sticks of fries, since it was already close to 2pm and she must have been quite hungry. Bad mistake. She did not eat much of her lunch nor soup that Nainai had already prepared for her. Sigh!

That’s her, very happy to get down from the high chair and posing with some of her favourite toys…
Then as she slept in the afternoon, I got busy preparing her Christmas ‘tree’ for her, drawing one on the easel board, and getting ready the many Christmas decorations that Vanessa had packed into the goody bag the day before. I even drew a very unsymmetrical star and cut it out on the golden wrapping paper Vanessa had used for her present, heh!

When she woke up, she was happy to help me first glue the star on her Christmas tree…
Then use pegs to place the stocking and Santa Claus on parts of the tree. After that, I helped her with the sticky tape to place the 3 snowflakes on her tree, then ta-dah!
It must have gotten her in a Christmassy mood, as she was refusing to don the reindeer hairband that was in the goody bag. When I came out after my bath, I saw these in my camera…
So cute! She let Nainai put them on for her… Merry Christmas my little one, and I’m looking forward to spending it in Pingyao!
Yes, we’ve confirmed our trip from 24 to 27 December, and we are staying at Jing’s Residences! No doubt this hotel will be the highlight of our trip, and at RMB1, 265 per night, it’d better be! Yes, you can get hotels in Pingyao at a fraction of the price, and a 4-star one I was looking at cost about that price for all 3 nights (i.e. a-third of this price), but I’ve seen the reviews/pictures, and they have kindly offered me many frills/complimentary wine/tea/mini bar etc, and best of all, we’re getting a free upgrade to a next-level suite, the biggest one with the biggest bed available (normally costs RMB1,610 per night). Oh. so. nice.

I was rather hesitant about paying such high prices, because like my brother said, I should budget within my means, but I thought – it's not like I will go to Pingyao again, and it's not every day that travel-adverse Wayne is agreeable to a family vacation... so what the heck lah!

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