Monday, December 6, 2010

Nooka and that Potter guy

On Saturday, we brought our girl to Lane Crawford – December is Wayne’s birthday month, and being a member, he gets a no-strings-attached RMB500 voucher to spend there, yippee! My initial plan was to get him to scour around for his own present, so I just needed to top up on top of the voucher value. It was quite a long ride there since there were jams and traffic lights every where, so we took about 50 minutes to get there, with Rosabelle enjoying her pear fruit in the car.

When we got there, we stopped by the side of the road since Wayne remarked that there were so many cars parked there anyway. Rosabelle had fun looking at the Christmas deco (and Santa Claus Ye Ye), and then shopping around with us, making herself at home with one mini kids’-related display of children’s seats and hand-woven toys.
However, Wayne being Wayne, he wasn’t very keen on buying anything, so I ended up getting a pair of black Nooka shades at 10% off - actual price RMB1,600, obviously so much more expensive than if you get it in the USD130…, and with Wayne’s VIP card getting 10% off, we needed to only top up RMB940. I have not heard of the brand before, but the shades were nice and light, so I decided to get them. Going online to check, I really love their belts, and apparently I have the same taste as Disney girl Miley Cyrus! As luck would have it, the voucher was not valid for use till 8 Dec, yikes! Luckily the staff were helpful and professional, and obliging, enough to bend the rules and let us use the voucher, telling us we can only get the receipt from 8 Dec on (not that we need it)…

After that, we headed towards Friday’s, and put the shades in the car boot first, when Wayne spotted his first ‘Christmas card’ of the season - a traffic summons for RMB200 for illegal parking, alongside his brave comrades of other cars, who were each slapped with a fine as well. Oh dear… and to think just because he did not wish to make a detour from having missed the carpark exit. Oh well, get a RMB500 voucher, lose a RMB200 penalty…

Anyway, that did not dampen our spirits for lunch, as it was already late and close to 2 pm – our girl was independently feeding herself potato wedges/fries (and dabbing them in ketchup), ribs, beef from our tasteless mushroom burger, mushroom soup, and of course enjoyed the ice cream with brownie most (though I realized she isn’t a fan of cakes – she prefers the ice cream that comes with it). I’ve been most lax with her foods these days – figure she’s old enough, and also responsible enough, to take a bit of junk once in awhile, haha…
After a rather tiring day for her, in the car on the way home, as we were passing by Tiananmen Square, our girl dozed off. I did not want her to fall asleep as I needed her to sleep at home, so I distracted her by asking her to look at 毛爷爷, but it wasn’t lure enough… and she slept for about an hour till we got back. In between, seeing that she was already asleep, we decided to take a detour and collect our cinema tickets for an evening Harry Potter show. Since we had made a phone booking with our VIP card, we needed to collect the tickets 35 minutes before our 5:35pm show, so instead of having to rush later to collect them, we got them first.
Just as we were reaching home at around 4:20pm, Rosabelle woke up, and I was trying hard not to excite her too much as after changing her, as we wanted her to go back to sleep so we could leave by 5pm for the show. No sirree… our girl had other plans. At 5:05pm, even after nursing her, she was still wide awake, and wanted Wayne to come in and lie down together as well. I quickly took the chance to sneak out on the pretext of changing my clothes, as I needed to unpack my things and get foods ready for Nainai to be home alone with her for dinner that night.

At 5:20pm, I took a chance and opened the door to the room – I did not dare to go in any earlier than that as I was afraid she would still be awake, and seeing me, she would get even more hyper. Thank goodness she was already asleep, as was Wayne! I quickly shook him up – sheesh – we could have left earlier if he had not already fallen asleep as well, aiyo! So with 15 minutes to the movie's opening, we dashed out of the house, drove to the cinema, and I ran on up to catch the show first whilst Wayne went to park the car. Thankfully there were some inane trailers and ads (don’t we love such useless stuff at such times?), and the show started 5 minutes late, and Wayne came in just 30 seconds into the opening.

The next 150 minutes of the show was rather forgettable, with nothing making me feel like tearing/clapping/standing up to give an ovation, as I seriously did feel like doing with the other installments. It was rather slow-moving as well, and the Potter-Hermione-Ron triangle did make me go all roll-eyeball at times… oh well… I will still catch the last in the series next year, but I was seriously hoping for more, given that it’s only once in a blue moon that I catch a movie!

After the movie, we walked around New City a little before ending up at 味千拉面 for dinner – I used to have this a lot when my old office was at SOHO, since it’s just on the first floor, so it was nice, comfort food as I had my usual 泡菜牛肉豆腐锅, and Wayne’s noodles tasted extra yummy, maybe it was because I was hungry. I also bought a packet of kids noodles for Rosabelle to try, since she seems to like the ones cooked at Mai Dou’s house. Nainai tried cooking them today but maybe it’s because we used the electric stove, the noodles continued cooking even after the switch was turned off, and they turned out way too soggy and over-cooked. Mystery solved… now we shall remove the pot from the stove so that they will be nice and springy next time!

By the time we got home, it was close to 10pm and Rosabelle had just had her bath – Nainai said she woke up shortly after we were gone, and was luckily quite consolable, cooperating with drinking honeydew juice and eating her dinner and fruits. She can be such an angel whenever she knows that it’s only Nainai she can turn to, as at other times, she will reject Nainai instead, making me feel quite irritated that she can be so sticky, even clinging onto my leg when I walk away, until I have to constantly remind her that she would cause me and her to both trip over. Looks like we must create more ‘alone time’ for Nainai and her to bond then!

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