Friday, October 30, 2009


Yesterday, on our evening rounds, Rosabelle was pushing along a lightweight stroller (those kinds you use for dollies), and I had to support her to ensure that the light stroller did not flip up. However, unfortunately, she still lost her balance and her two palms still landed on the floor when she fell. I thought it would be ok but she did cry for all of 5 seconds (highly peculiar as she does not fuss easily) before being cajoled and wanted to continue pushing, so I checked her palms to see if they were grazed. Nope.

And then I saw that the ring finger on her left hand was bleeding, slightly grazed, and I used a wet wipe to clean the wound – not so much as a whimper from our brave girl. But it did look rather painful/smarting to me, and today, when I saw that it was still slightly reddish/swollen, before she went to bed at night, I put some zam bak ointment I got in Singapore on the wound.

Poor thing, Mummy will watch you even more closely in future, my dear girl. Good thing is she’s not making any fuss over it, not crying when we wipe her hands/bathe her/wash her.

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