Monday, October 12, 2009

Loving myself to nuts

Yesterday, Rosabelle woke up relatively early from her afternoon nap, but it was drizzling outside, so we decided to bring her out to the malls at The Place. It was just a short walk around looking at all things interesting to her, but the highlight of the outing was when we rested on the bench for her to enjoy her honeydew snack.
She was very drawn to the metallic-looking table beside the bench, and could not stop admiring herself in the mirrored reflection.
The epitome of self-adoration, I guess...
She got so happy at one point that she even attempted to dance on the table and shake herself on it, making the table rock precariously.
She does get into a jiving mood pretty easily, like this video below where I caught her dancing along to the Chinese children's songs we were playing in the car...that is, until she saw the camera and wanted to grab at it.

It really is proving quite hard to take her away from things she's determined to lay her hands on - like the day before, when a granny was giving out biscuits in the yard, I was adamant for her to not eat one as I know how sweet these things can be. So when another mummy split the biscuit she took for her own daughter into half to give to a screaming and a finger-pointing 'I want that biscuit' Rosabelle, I did not have much choice and thought to myself - it's only half a biscuit, oh well, just let her have it. Until I had to wipe her mouth and hands after she'd finished it, and tasted a bit of it - the sweetness was another thing altogether, but the biscuit actually had nuts in it!

Panic, panic! I'm ever, very careful/vigilant about such foods that are likely to trigger allergies in children, given my family history of allergies like sinuses and eczema, and nuts are on the list of no-no-no-no-nos, especially for those below a year old. Sigh! Our clever girl even knew how to spit out the nut bits after that as she figured out she did not know how to chew them, haha! Luckily, she had no reaction to the nuts, but I'm really not taking any chances now - will have to continue to be very careful about what goes into her mouth.

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