Monday, October 5, 2009

Rantings & Ravings

Allow me to indulge in a post where I will be a complete B*TCH about our nanny. Don't be mistaken - she's nice, alot of the times, she's patient, and she has a way with Rosabelle, no doubt. She's a good woman at heart, bless her soul, but I have an issue with her hygiene levels at times (or lack of it). I caught her once touching the floor cloth (used for moping the floor), and then not using soap to wash her hands after. Strike ONE.

Recently, I caught her not washing her hands (at all - not even rinsing with water) after visiting the toilet at night. Strike TWO, double ewwwww....

And today was the last straw after my last two warnings to her, reminding her that when she came into our house, I highlighted to her about my priorities of (i) safety and (ii) hygiene. Today, Rosabelle needed to poop during dinner time (thank goodness she's pooping well in spite of the iron supplements, going once every two days on average). We usually use cotton balls in water to clean her up, and when I went into the room to clear the cup of water, I saw oil swirls in it, and I asked the nanny, 'Did you wash your hands before cleaning her and applying diaper cream on her?', and she said that she 'had rinsed her hand in a bowl of water (we have that ready now, as we need to hand-feed her alot these days), and also rinsed her hand in the diaper cup'.

Next, upon inspecting closely, I saw vegetable and rice bits in the water, and almost fainted. It meant that her oily hands, with food attached, wasn't clean, and there she was 'cleaning' and applying cream to Rosabelle's nether region! I totally lost my cool and told her off strongly, and she just kept quiet and pursed her lips. I told her if she wants to pretend she's not listening and/or give me an atttude about it, it is totally unacceptable to me, and I hurriedly carried Rosabelle away and called Wayne to rant about it. She then wanted to carry Rosabelle back and offered to clean her up again, and I refused to let her touch her - why scrub and wash the diaper cup once a week if you are going to introduce oil and food into it? Strike THREE, and I have remained pissed at her all night.

After that, she had the cheek to tell me that the food inside the diaper cup was due to Rosabelle spitting food out from her mouth whilst on the bed, and the nanny then used her own hand to wipe the food away and thus rinsed her hand in the diaper cup. Hello...excuses, excuses... why didn't you then explain it in this way when I asked you about it the first time? Why admit at that point that you didn't wash your hands? Fact is, she had oily hands from feeding Rosabelle and used the same hands to touch Rosabelle's skin, and I shudder to think of what I don't see/know about when I'm not around!

Cool it...I'm going to let Wayne speak with her, if her attitude is that it is too trying to be a nanny in our house, adios amigo, I don't need to pay you and get a sh*tas* attitude from you, aunty. You decide.

On the nicer (and cleaner) things now... there aren't many pictures for this post as the past few days has been hectic for Wayne and I, having to take care of and cook for Rosabelle with the nanny having two off days (maybe it's just as well - at least I can be sure of our own hygiene levels!). Rosabelle ate pretty well over the two days, other than for Saturday when she refused to even take the first bite at dinner, and I had to threaten to not feed her, making her panic and go 'Mamamama...' (I went away and let Wayne take over for like 5 minutes where he cajoled her to no avail to eat). When I went back to feed her again, she quickly ate her food very fast! Our girl must be trying to pacify an angry sensible!

These days, Rosabelle has also added 'teddy bear' and 'Gou Gou' (dog dog) to her vocabulary, making similar sounds when she sees the plush toy in the room, and when she sees dogs on her rounds out. The cold weather in Beijing is also making it very dry for her skin, so we have to rigorously apply moisturiser for her, and put even more on her cheeks as they are rather dry - so delicate, her baby skin...

To end this post with a nice picture, my friend Jinxin just sent across photos she took on her camera from the gathering we had in Singapore with the Nanyang Girls. All I can say is they are born on the same day, but why does Sophie have so much bigger eyes and so much thicker hair?!!! (Maybe Rosabelle also feels that way in this shot... Don't worry, darling Rosabelle, Mummy still loves you, hohoho!)

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