Thursday, October 8, 2009

Theatrics @ the Table

I told the nanny today we should consider giving Rosabelle more varieties of fish and vegetables. Granted, she has been eating quite a plethora of food already, but with fish and green leafy vegetables on the menu every single day, it won't be long before she gets sick of cod fish, silver fish, spinach, and pak choy...and I sure wouldn't want her to get all picky/fussy about food, not wanting to try new tastes next time. So...Wayne got grass carp, crucian carp, and kailan for her. We'll be aiming for a new fish/vegetable a week, so salmon, eel, pomfret etc are on the table... bon appetit!

Rosabelle has been eating well, but has a bad habit of needing to hold onto/play things whilst eating - if not, she gets sleepy and/ore restless and/or wants to stand up. The other day, I was muching on some fresh dates, and gave her two to hold onto and play. She happily also chewed on them... And even successfully bit pieces of the hard fruit off.

Thinking she'd be into the self-feeding stage anytime soon, we have at times been putting food onto her own spoon, and she has, with much guiding from our own hands, managed to feed herself. However, she very much still prefers to use her bare hands. So, I ordered a suction-base bowl from the shop, and was very pleased with my purchase, thinking we can say 'sayonara' to the days of food/bowl/plate flinging.
Boy, was I wrong, the bowl wasn't even stuck for barely two seconds before our girl managed to push it away! So we exerted even more force to push the suction base down, and this time, she even used both hands to pull (and I really mean pull, to the extent that her knuckles turned white), the bowl, and yet again managed to lift the bowl, suction base and all, from the table.

So now, we have a literal white elephant - we still use the bowl for her food, but guess it'd only come into handy once she really starts feeding herself properly - at least it won't slip off the table!

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