Thursday, October 29, 2009

Snuggly fashion

As the weather turns more chilly by the day, and before we can welcome heating in the home (starts on 15 Nov, so we have a portable electricity-run heating plate that we switch on when Rosabelle bathes nowadays), we are bundling Rosabelle up more, be it indoors or outdoors.

This is what she's wearing nowadays during meal-times, a bib shirt that has a waterproof flap behind the chest area, and keeps her warm and importantly, not wet, when she has food accidents. We have to rotate two of these to ensure she dons a dry bib for each meal.
Then, there's her classic bunny look as she sports a blue bunny vest, courtesy of another mummy in the yard who gave it to her for a birthday present. The poms poms are uber cute, but distracting, and even at times dangerous as they can get caught in things on her escapades in the yard, yikes!
Then, as we are always told in China, little children must keep their bellies (and feet) warm, so we got her a few high-waisted (and I mean really high-waisted) pants from the wholesale place the other day - it looks like a tight corset on her, but is really comfy - I wish they made these for adults too, haha!
That's her today in an Okaidi sweater top and a made-for-export-to-Japan vest (reversible).
Showing off her 'I'm one!' trick...
Her pat-on-chest 'I'm here' when asked 'Where is Yue Yue?' trick...
Her bring-hand-to-ear when asked to make a phone call trick...
These mornings, I taught her to raise both hands upwards to 'streetccch' her body, and she is able to do a mean copycat action nowadays, haha!

She has really been in high spirits and looks more rosy lately, which augurs well for us all. On Monday, she went for her Japanese encephilitis jab, as well as had a review of her anemia problem. From the hemoglobin levels checked by the local hospital, it's moving upwards, and is in fact in the normal category (112), so the doctor at Amcare suggested she take another month of current dosage of iron supplements still, and we can then review the situation next month when her pneumococcal booster is due.

(The doctor at the local hospital showed us results the week before, saying Rosabelle is deficient in zinc, and diagnosed supplements, which we are not going to give her - such minerals in the body differ from time to time, and she is otherwise eating well, and the Amcare results did not show such deficiency, so I really do not want to start pumping her with loads of unatural substances - I just need to make sure that she gets her fair share of dairy products like cheese, and meats like prawn, and not take them at the same time as her iron supplements, as they will then compete for absorption within her body - something has got to give.)

So...great! She has been eating her meals and all fruits pretty well, even wanting to eat the Ayi's take-out rice the other day. She now weighs a full 10 kg, and measures 77 cm (she was 2.74 kg, and 48 cm at birth). Go, go girl!

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