Friday, September 10, 2010

Backtack SG: Parking Around

In the interest of time (as in I do not have much time until Rosabelle wakes up from her afternoon nap), thought I’d skip over the Malacca motherload of an entry (with 35 pictures!), and move on to a short and sweet one instead.

In Singapore, we are blessed with having nice parks and gardens within walking distance of all neighbourhoods, and since we stay in the East, our favourite East Coast Park is just a short drive away. Every time we head back these few trips, we will always schedule parks/gardens in our to-dos, as we then enjoy the humid, but fresh, Singapore weather – haha!

On 25 June, even though she was having a fever of 38.1 degrees that morning, it thankfully subsided by evening time so we could go as planned to East Coast for a bicycle ride. She always enjoys time with her lovely cousins, no matter how ‘chili padi’ (小不点) she looks next to them…
And then we rented bikes for ourselves, where Simon got his own bicycle (and Marianne took over after he was tired, but she moved at a really snail’s pace, aiyo!). Rosabelle enjoyed the ride, and the breeze on her face, as we caught up or overtook them, though I wasn’t so comfortable with the bicycle seat cutting into the base of my spine as I rode…yikes…
After close to an hour, I needed the rest more than she did, so we took a breather and waited under a shelter as she ate her grapes, and as we waited for the kids to catch up, heh!
On 27 June, before she had her bath in the afternoon, I asked my mum to help trim her fringe short as it seemed to be bothering her eyes. She wasn’t the most cooperative, so when she slept, I placed a folded piece of tissue paper under the uneven fringe and continued trimming it straight… and ta-dah! That’s how short/straight it was when we headed out that evening to a park near my sister’s place. (In the car, she asked for my mum to ‘on’ the radio and after that danced to the music – so vain!)
It was a newly-renovated park, though it has facilities catered more for older kids. Rosabelle wasted no time in playing and exploring the area with her cousins, and I think that Marianne and her have similar expressions at times, heh!
Little Gideon wasn’t left out as we took turns carrying him…
And Rosabelle finally got her wish when Simon let her have her turn on his skate-scooter.
When we got home that evening, she was quite hungry and asked for pear, banana, and even milk before dinner (none of which I gave her, of course, as she already had her fruit snack prior). Maybe it was the hot weather, or simply the novelty of it all (or she had to replenish fluids from the idiotic mosquito bites she suffered at the park), but she slurped up the bird’s nest drink that I shared with her that night, though I did not dare to give her too much as it might be too cooling for someone her age!

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