Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Backtrack SG: Barraged

On 18 June, a day after we had an exhausting day at the zoo, we headed out to Marina Barrage for a look – those few days were intensive since my brother-in-law was on leave and could bring us out (leaving poor Gideon at home with my mum and the maid, haha!). Rosabelle was at it again, sitting on poor Marianne’s lap…
The Barrage has been open for awhile but we’ve never really thought of heading down there, as there aren’t any eating/shopping places in the area, but at least they have a cute mascot, haha!
We took a walk around the exhibition area, which was quite nice and futuristic-looking, and highly informative as it gives information on water saving, and what Singapore is doing to conserve/collect water in its reservoirs. I can imagine a lot of schools bringing children here on cheap excursions.
We spent quite a lot of time at the green screen (also known as blue screen) where we could take pictures with a background and email the e-card.
As you can imagine, the older kids totally enjoyed this feature, but this was one of the nicer/clearer-looking shots we got:
After much egging, I finally got them to move on and went on up to the sky roof area, where Rosabelle actually correctly spotted a kite whilst we were in the car (and I thought she was just talking nonsense) as we saw people flying kites and even school children taking picnics there. That’s Marina Sands in the background – that will be one of my must-visit places on my next trip back!
That’s the pair of cousins using the tacky backdrop for camwhoring time…
And we then left the place to head to Vivo City, first for lunch at King Louis Bar & Grill Restaurant. Not exactly very good food, though Rosabelle tried a variety of meats, fish and pastas, and even posed for photos with the tacky mediaeval interiors of knights and what-nots. There were some fake candlelight chandeliers and Rosabelle even sang ‘Happy Birthday’ when she saw them, haha!
Simon was actually eating pretty well, right until my sister gave him some corn in his spaghetti and he actually spat, then vomited, his food out. My sister was adamant that he eat back all his vomit and even as he was crying, she threatened to leave and there and then, he actually ate two small teaspoons of it as he continued to sob. Ewwww…. My evil sister could not take it anymore and laughed at him, thankfully stopping him from continuing to chew puke. Aiyo! So disgusting… thankfully Rosabelle did not ask to eat it, but as my brother-in-law and I were joking, the chef must be wondering what the dish is since they did not serve us any ‘beef goulash’… Yucky!

After that was quick shopping time as I rushed to Big Bookstore at HarbourFront Centre (one of my mecca for children’s books) and got her quite a few new books. The kids also enjoyed the usual kiddy rides, and nowadays, when Rosabelle sees a carousel, or a picture of it, she will recount ‘Simon, Marianne’ as she sat on the ride with them.
It was quite a tiring day for us all as we headed home really late that day (Vivo City, with the expanse and wide variety of shops, almost always tires me out…). But it’s always fun to go out with family as Rosabelle can enjoy the company of the big kids, heh!

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