Friday, September 10, 2010

Backtrack SG: Our packed last day

Given the Singapore sunny and humid weathers, you can either choose to lap up the sunshine outdoors, or when you get too much of sweaty armpits and streaked make-up/limp hair, you can head indoors where almost everything has the aircon blasting away, haha! So we made our usual pilgrimage to Ikea, a favourite of the Tohs since they can play at the kids’ playground (Rosabelle’s still too young) and at Tampines, it’s near to home.

And so, on 28 June, our last day in Singapore, we went there together with the Toh entourage, though I had to bring her in for a diaper change as a first stop. She liked the family room and smiled gleefully at me when we entered, and thank goodness it’s nice and clean as she explored around on her own as I went to the washroom as well.
After that, it was pretty much free for all as we strolled around Ikea, and she sat on chairs (playing with fake laptops used for exhibition purposes on the tables), played with the kitchen sink set-up with Marianne (so girly), and basically just made herself at home.
After that, we went for lunch at the restaurant and they also played awhile at the playground there (though I’m not too sure Marianne enjoyed being her ‘horse’…).
When we went downstairs, the older kids clamoured to squeeze into the trolley with Rosabelle, and we had a fun time chasing my sis down the aisle (not fun for me though, more like exhausting, as I had to run and brake to a stop as they pretended to play cops and robbers, shooting at my sister who was running away).
We all then enjoyed ice cream – such is the decadence of simple comfort foods…bliss…
By the time we were headed home, it was about 4 pm and I nursed her in the car, thinking she would fall asleep, but no, our hyper girl was up and raring to go, and so we all decided to follow Simon for his swimming class at his classmate’s home. It was a very last-minute decision so we were in the house for all of like 10 minutes, packing our things together for all the kids, then rushing down to make it in time for the session. Rosabelle seemed to enjoy it, but I accidentally dunked her a few times and she had water go up her nose as she choked and cried slightly – so not pleasant – but she was alright after.
It wasn’t as pleasant for Marianne as my sis tried to make her abandon her car float (the instructor was saying kids will get over-reliant on it), and could not even get her to make her hair/face wet. That night, Marianne was crying as my sis poured water over her head 10 times during bath, to get her to slowly warm up to the idea of water over her head – aiyo – must have been like torture to the poor girl.

And since it was on our last day, and the kids were on a roll, we all headed to East Coast after the swim. As we took in the evening sun and salty sea breeze, I knew that I was going to miss all these when back in Beijing. Oh well, the sacrifices we make when away from home… but at least it makes me better appreciate such precious moments with my family whenever we are back.
In the car on the way back, she KO-ed, and was really dead tired as I lay her to sleep on the bed, only to be woken up by Gideon’s loud crying. Just as well, because she would have slept till really late and not be able to sleep that night. However, it also meant that I asked for trouble by packing everything into this day and had to deal with an ultra-grouchy toddler during dinner, bath and milk time after (though she perked up slightly upon seeing Simon’s yucky reaction to the papaya she tried to feed him for the first time, haha!). She was very sticky to me, and even cried throughout when I was taking my bath that night, aiyo! In the end, we called it a day as she slept at 11-nish that night – which is considered very early by her standards. Thank goodness as well, as we had to wake up really early to catch our 9:30am flight the next morning!

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