Sunday, September 12, 2010

Strangely thoughtful...

That day, in a magazine, Rosabelle saw the movie poster for the movie, Inception, and immediately shouted out, ‘叔叔, be careful!’… Hahaha…she must have seen the movie characters posing for a photo in the middle of the road, in the path of oncoming cars, and decided to warn them about it. That’s how well I have trained her as she will often remind family members to ‘be careful’ when she sights a bicycle/car/trolley coming.
In other miscellaneous news of late, she likes to give really hilarious/cheeky-looking peeks like that these days, and no matter how angry I am at her for taking forever to down her food, I always inevitably burst into smile, heh!
That’s her trying to act cute and all doe-eyed with food still in her mouth, and she can sing/dance during meal times, making me exasperated as to whether to encourage her musical talents or put a damper on it and ask her to focus on her eating… haiz! Of late, she has been singing the ABC song, and though she misses on average about 5 letters in all, she can recite almost the whole song down to the last sentence of ‘Next time won’t you sing with me?’ – I am really quite impressed!
Yesterday, she even let Nainai wear for her the waist sash that Ye Ye bought for her in Xinjiang – she looked so cute running all over with her butt swinging side to side, and the little trinkets clinking away. However, this time round, I did not let her go downstairs with it, which is just as well, as yellow really attracts insects/mosquitos.
Speaking of mozzies, on Friday morning, I brought her to another apartment area to explore their playground. Actually, the rest of the folks in the yard have been making their way there at times (it’s about 10 minutes’ walk away), and I have been meaning to go there myself, but with no stroller, I am afraid that I need to carry her half the way if she decides she does not want to walk anymore. Thankfully she was very cooperative and throughout the journey there and whilst playing there, she was pretty much on the ground herself (and only asked to be carried on the way back). However, she wasn’t very keen on going down the slides (maybe she isn’t that used to slides), and preferred to climb up and down the steps, even using the free exercise equipment. The whole estate is really much more conducive and safe for kids, as there are very little cars and roads within the area, and even has a nice lake surrounding (thus the mozzies, which thankfully stayed away from us). Looks like it’s going to be a regular spot for us once we get fine days.

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