Sunday, September 26, 2010

Shoot the Bags!

Last week was a enjoying holiday week of sorts in China as we celebrated the Mooncake/Lantern Festival, with Wayne Wednesday till Saturday off (official work day actually starts on Saturday, but his office nicely gave an extra day off, yippee! We headed out to Botanical Gardens and Qianmen on Wednesday, which I shall post in more detail about, but here’s a short (Gasp! Short post! From Wendy! On my blog! It’s a rarity, ain’t it?!) post, I think, about last Saturday.

We had arranged a photo shoot with Imagine Studio that morning, and Rosabelle strangely got up by 8:10am that day to nurse, and refused to go back to sleep. Yikes! Maybe we made her too excited about 叔叔和阿姨来给你照相, and she woke up much too early – I had just gotten up moments ago and was clearing up the place, getting ready her breakfast/fruits etc, and did not count on her getting more excited than me!

Oh well, and so she got up, quickly ate her egg breakfast, and played around awhile as we adults, or mainly I, pottered around to get ready for the photographer, MQ, and his assistant, Bella, to reach at 10:30am. They asked that we prepare some clothes for MQ to choose from, and this is what I’ve been busy getting ready the past few days:
I had gotten socks/hairclips/toys etc all set aside as well, so Nainai’s room was all decked out in all the apparel and equipment as we adults got changed and ready (as my parents-in-law are not so picky, they actually wore everyday clothes, and by that, I meant clothes that they wore at home for the past few days, haha! But don’t worry, it’s not pyjamas, and at least they coordinated their blacks whilst Wayne and I coordinated our baby blue colours.

When they reached on the dot, Rosabelle very cooperatively handed each of them a bottle of mineral water, whilst greeting them at the same time. She looked quite bashful at first, but was quick to warm up, especially to Bella who did a good job of chatting up to and playing with her – Rosabelle can still recount her peekaboo sessions.

I did not snap pictures, being busy enough with everything, but it was a whirlwind two hours as Rosabelle had five changes of costumes, got distracted by her own toys/stickers, counted on her snack of Yakult and 旺仔小馒头 to get her to be more cooperative (she wasn’t chuckling/smiling as much as she normally does, but thank goodness she did not cry or become cranky at any time!), and we also headed downstairs for some outdoor shots (with well-prepared me equipped with football and bubbles…).

I shall detail more once we get the photos, sharing the story behind each, but Rosabelle seemed to like MQ and Bella more than the folks from
Chocolate Box last year. I remember the last time round, we, or mainly I, was tasked with playing with and making Rosabelle laugh whilst the photographer and his assistant just stood there not doing much. The folks from Imagine seem more professional and warm in that sense, and just now, when Bella called to arrange for me to view the photos this coming Tuesday afternoon (as their studio’s in Shunyi, she is nicely making the trip down to let me see the photos instead), Rosabelle called out ‘Bella姐姐, 还有叔叔', and has been reminding/asking me about their names since that day, heh!

Just to share some very ‘ermmm…’ moments during the shoot, when our girl made the unlikeliest comments/actions: As MQ and Bella were taking the first set of photos of her on the sofa, and Rosabelle was taking time to warm up, refusing to giggle/chuckle, just giving shy smiles, she suddenly walked up to Bella at the corner of the sofa and pointed to Bella's shoes, saying, ‘阿姨穿这个', and we saw it – Bella had worn her shoes into the house, forgetting to change into the bedroom slippers we’d provided for her. Haha, that embarrassed Bella somewhat, and she hastily went to get changed first to avoid the scrutiny of our girl.

Then, as Bella was teaching her how to peek out from behind the sofa at MQ’s camera, Rosabelle picked up something from and held it up in full view of everyone – ‘头发', she said, as poor Bella was again embarrassed into taking her long hair from her and asking for a dustbin to throw it. Haha!

And then, when we were on the bed, taking shots on the pillow, she stopped mid-way to grab at the corner of the pillow and said, ‘摸角', as she usually likes. -_-

After the shoot wrapped up, we were all starving as we made our way to Ganges Restaurant at The Place for lunch since Yeye has been meaning to try some Indian food. We ordered the dishes and requested for non-spicy (I know, weird since it’s Indian food, but the waitress said we could do so), but the mushroom, potato balls, and chicken that came were still spicy, so we had to ask them to re-do the mushroom and potato as our girl started crying ‘painful’ and grabbed at her tongue even after we rinsed the mushroom in water. In the end, luckily I ordered some sweet soup of corn and lentils, as I just mixed in the rice to form some porridge and gave her the non-spicy foods. But it will be a long while before we try Indian with her again!

That afternoon, as you can imagine, she slept for quite a bit, having woken up so early and having had a tiring morning/afternoon. Yeye and Nainai think she was already extremely well-behaved during the shoot, not fussing (well, once, for awhile, when Wayne cheekily grabbed away her bowl of 旺仔小馒头), and not being afraid of strangers. I think she could have done better in terms of the bigger smiles/grins department, but she did share her funny faces, whistling, peeking, acting sad etc, heh! I am looking forward to seeing the photos – I can only choose a maximum of 35, with 25 going into a 12-inch album, as I don’t really intend to spend beyond the RMB2,565 (already more than 40% what we paid for last year’s package, and they gave us 39 photos with 26 going into the album). Let’s see how well I can practice my self-restraint…om….

That night, just Wayne and I headed out for dinner with Rosabelle, as Yeye and Nainai wanted to stay in. I chose to go to Raffles City as I really wanted to shop around for my birthday present, and considerate Wayne (he’d better be!) took care of Rosabelle as I shopped around, but I couldn’t find anything suitable, so we headed for dinner first to our usual Tai Hung, a nice Hong Kong restaurant there. We took turns to eat whilst feeding Rosabelle, and Wayne then took over so I could go shop some more, haha!

Turned out I finally got my present at the basement level! Heh, not Watson’s or the supermarket, but at the A&I shop. Now, I’ve seen this counter at Village and found the bags interesting – they are made of safety belts. I walked in, not really meaning to buy anything, least of all a bag, which I already have tons of. However, the sales person was very nice, not pushy and very warm. After I looked through the bags, I was quite undecided which to get between two very different styles, so I called Wayne to ask for his budget. I had a missed call from him – he was busy in the toilet with Rosabelle who needed to poo during dinner, so I decided to get both. If it exceeds his budget, I shall just pay for the remaining one myself, haha!

With lifetime warranty of repairs, the bags do look very durable, and this is what I ended up with – a messenger bag in a lovely shade of aquamarine (note: big enough for baby stuff!):
This is how it looks on their website, in a different colour. Apparently, you can customize the bags in a colour of your choice, but it’d of course take a few days, and I liked the colour enough. And I also got this bag, which if custom-made, needs an additional 20% fee as it’s made of different colours. It looks squished here as it’s from the cupboard, but it should be boxy and rectangular in shape, which I'm sure it'd be once I stuff all my thing inside!
After making my purchase, I quickly ran to the information counter to get free gifts of a porcelain fortune tiger and some Haibao coasters (since it was close to 10pm by then), then went back to the restaurant to show off my spoils. Luckily Wayne told me his budget was about 3x what I’d spent (oh, I should have gotten 4 more bags then…), so I thanked him for ‘selecting’ such a nice birthday pressie for me, haha!

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