Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Backtrack SG: Memories of Singapore Science Center

The last time I was at Singapore Science Center was like maybe in my secondary school, or was it primary school? It’s one of those places I remember preparing to go to by buying loads of tidbits (so I could barter with others for their nicer tidbits) and gobbling them up on the way in the bus. It’s one of those places that I also remember was saved for post-exams, and we had to each bring home a slip for our parents to sign, a consent form to probably absolve the teacher/school of all responsibility if I went missing, or if an exhibit fell on me, or whatever.

But before I reminisce too much about my waaaaaay-back childhood, my sister has been bringing both Simon and Marianne to the Science Center for the past year or so, and guess it really is more relevant for older kids, but I also wanted to let Rosabelle see for herself something from her mummy’s childhood in Singapore.

So on 15 June, we reached there close to lunch time as Rosabelle had woken up late – luckily she could do breakfast in the car as she had yogurt and cheese. When we got there, we were first greeted by a rather tacky-looking dinosaur.
And a stand-up of Toy Story 3 characters (they had an exhibition there, which you had to pay additional fees for to enter).
Once inside, it was pretty much free for all as the kids looked and fingered all the exhibits.
And even sat on this shock chair (pay SGD1 to feel some current, haha!)
There were different sections in the Science Center, one of which had a fossilized dinosaur.
At this age, Rosabelle was more attracted to things familiar to her, like a monkey.
After that, we had lunch at the only plausible place (the other being a canteen that sold unappetizing-looking, school-like fried noodles and spicy foods…) – McDonald’s, where there was a queue for seats, a queue for foods, and a queue to wash hands even… Luckily we managed to get a table, and Rosabelle had fish burger and corn.

After that, we continued on our journey of the place, whether it was playing with instruments…
...or magic mirrors (we all had a good laugh at Rosabelle’s pirate and princess do in the second picture!)…
... or twirling plates, as taught to us by student volunteers – there were many of them around since it was the school holidays.
One of the volunteers even handed out markers and butterflies for the kids to colour, and here the girls are pretending to be bunnies, haha!It was quite a fun day, more so because we were in the company of family, and Rosabelle would have slept longer for her nap if she wasn’t woken up by Gideon’s crying, heh! I thought that she would then sleep early that night, but no sirree! After my sister’s maid got her dressed in her pyjamas, she pushed her out of the room, and wanted to go to my mum’s room (to see Gong gong/Po Po/Simon), or to my sis’ room (to see Dua Yi/Di Di/Marianne). She even exhausted all options and said she wanted to see Aunty Marjorie (the maid) – faint…

In the end, I had to forcefully carry her back to our room to nurse her and sleep, and she very quickly fell fast asleep after. A case of over-stimulation, where she just can’t settle down on her own as there was too much excitement in one day and she got over-tired, heh! But I think she will enjoy the exhibits more if she’s older, and if Science Center actually bothers to update or make some of the very old exhibits more appealing/interesting!

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