Thursday, November 12, 2009

Photos: Lights... (Part I)

Cam-whoring session begins! Since there are 39 photos in all to load from the Chocolate Box photo shoot commemorating Rosabelle turning a year old, I thought I'd split them into 3 different posts comprising of a few different sets of dresses Rosabelle donned, heh!

I'd chronicled the
shoot itself that took place in our home on November 5, where the photographer actually took a total of 84 shots. We had a hard time trying to shortlist it to about 30 photos (or risk paying for exorbitant packages and/or RMB35 for each additional piece of photo we wanted). How it works is the photo studio only burns onto a CD-rom the photos we have selected, and in the end, when we went there for our repeat family shot on Wednesday (they presented another 12 individual/family shots for us to choose from, gaaak!), we ended up choosing a grand total of 39 (for RMB1,786 - 5% discount courtesy of Vanessa since they said it's a friend's recommendation, heh!), but we again have to further shortlist 25 from them to be designed into a coffee table book (which I'll be busy working with the studio on over the next week or so).

I looked at all the photos at least 20 times over, trying to wield my harsh axe of deleting and deleting so we won't end up with too many! We also decided to get them to do away with the various framed photos/printed posters etc (just want a book as the end product) as we figured we can get them done cheaper at Kodak shops, so we actually got 9 more than the usual 30 photos in the package.

So...presenting the first series of our girl in her full glory... First off, a not-too-glam shot!
Then she started milling around the sofa...
And slowly warmed up.
I like how our wall paper and shoe couch pose as such an arty-farty background for Rosabelle.
Here she is, pretending how to make a phone call.
And posing with the hat that she wore for only two milliseconds before pulling it off...
Windows and kitchen cabinets can also pose as nice backdrops for her.
After that, she gets comfy on our bed.
Where she chomps on toes... Chomps on plastic toy dogs...
And starts getting tickled by me...
(Note to self: Money spent on manicure the day before was worth it, if only for the brief appearances of my hand/nails. Er-hem.)

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