Thursday, November 12, 2009

Amazingly, no pictures!

This post is going to be text-intensive as my next few posts will be pictures galore as we have selected the photos from our family photo shoot, yaay! More on that later, whilst I go into verbal diarrhea...

Rosabelle has picked up yet another animal sound - that of a fish. I tried to show her how the fish opens/closes its mouth to make 'ooom, ooom' sounds, and she also did the same thing, opening/closing her mouth whilst making smacking noises. Nowadays, whenever she picks up the animals book, she will inevitable turn to the first page with the fish on it and make that sound.

She also has some hilarious escapades during meal times, knowing how to use her fingers to pull her shirt bib up and shake it ever so slightly, as that's what the nanny does whenever it's the end of a meal and before she is being carried up - the nanny will shake Rosabelle's bib to remove any food pieces, and our girl has picked up on that. Whenever she does not want to eat anymore, and wants to be carried up, she will signal it by shaking her bib, with added dancing at times, heh!

Whenever she eats well, or drinks enough water during meal times, the nanny will praise her with a thumbs-up sign, and though Rosabelle does not know how to do the same thing, she knows how to use both index fingers and point at the nanny with a cheeky grin on her face, whilst moving her body up and down in tandem. Whenever she has a good mouthful of food/water these days, she will automatically use both index fingers and move them up and down at the nanny, haha!

However, she was a little over-enthusiastic in feeding herself yesterday, and bit down too hard/quickly after putting a morsel of food into her mouth, clamping down on her own finger by accident. I heard her crying, with tears flowing down her cheeks, as the nanny was feeding her, and immediately went out to comfort her and distract her with a toy. We don't normally cajole her, but it was a different, more painful, type of crying this time round, and I could see a tiny bite mark on her own index finger, poor thing!

She also had another minor 'accident' just now as she was crusing along the TV console - she lost her footing and hit her mouth against the edge of the table, and immediately cried and put a finger to a mouth. I got slightly worried when I saw blood on the finger she pulled out, then realized she had cut the upper lip against her tooth, but luckily there wasn't too much bleeding and she stopped crying after about 5 seconds, phew! But she probably feels uncomfortable with a slight lump at the lip, and cried during eating when her finger poked at it, and again cried when she pulled at it when chewing on her fingers. Oh dear me... hopefully she does not turn out to be as clumsy as Mummy!

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