Friday, November 13, 2009

Photos: Camera... (Part II)

Part 2 of the photo shoot pictures have Rosabelle posing in her own bed, grabbing some of her favourite toys.
Then we wanted to capture her baby fats whilst they lasted, so we got some shots of her with just her panties on (and drinking up alot of water...).
She shows off her 'I'm One!' sign trick.
Nowadays, she gets tickled whenever I present her with her small toys wrapped in her saliva towel, and she will eagerly unwrap the 'present' and give me a gleeful look.
Here, she even shows off her mouth bubble-blowing trick whilst welding her conquest of a caterpillar toy.
This is the shot where the photographer was standing on the bed and almost killed me with the pungent smell coming from his socks...
I'd like to caption this something heartwarming like 'Behind every happy child is a loving mother', but I seriously look more like a Filipino maid doing an awkward chicken flapping dance even as I cheer my own daughter on as she strides with her walker.
I love her sweet smile captured here.
She does some cruising/exploring around the coffee table and TV console area.
This is the only family shot we shortlisted from the miserable 4 in the series...oh doesn't look too bad, does it?

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